A commercial recline bike is more durable and low maintenance than the home-use ones. The following are some of the best recline bikes in the world.

Life Fitness Activate Series Recumbent Bike has five main features namely heart rate monitoring, biomechanically efficient design, reliable belt drive system, self-powered convenience, and quick adjustments. The LifeFitness recline bike is able to detect and monitor the exerciser is heart rate. The sensors are strategically located in the handlebars for quick and accurate reading of the heart rate. The Polar telemetry of the machine enables the monitoring of the heart rate hands-free using the optional chest strap.

A commercial treadmill is better than a home treadmill due to the premium components, trouble-free electronics, lower maintenance designs and superb service warranty. It would be wise for those with a little bit more cash to invest on commercial gym equipment rather than a home treadmill. The following are some of the best commercial treadmill in the market today.

Life Fitness

It is a known fitness solutions provider. It has been in the business for over 45 years. Its claim to fame is the first electronic bike made by Dr. Keene Dimick in the 1960s. From then on, the company has been innovating sports products. One of its main products is the treadmills.

Spin bikes have become a staple in many fitness centers and gyms nowadays. They are known by other names such as commercial spinning bikes and commercial indoor cycling bikes. These indoor cycling bikes are a bit different from the usual stationary bikes that everyone is used to seeing. When you hop on one, your body will be leaning forward which is pretty much the same position you will have when you are riding on a road bike.

However, there is more to these commercial indoor cycling bikes than just body positioning. They are actually designed to mimic the feel of riding an actual road bike. For instance, these bikes are outfitted with heavy flywheels. That makes the feel on the pedal very realistic as if you are biking outdoors.

Cycling is a very good exercise. Just biking for 10 miles per hour can already burn 281 calories versus 176 calories when walking. However, not everyone has the luxury of biking outdoors. This is where stationary and gym bikes come into play. People can benefit from the exercise without the hassle of going outdoors. They can now bike safely to their heart is content anytime at home. The following are some of the best gym bikes in the world:

The Platinum Club Series Upright Lifecycle Exercise Bike is elegant and durable from LifeFitness. It has four main features namely heart rate monitoring, adjustable pedal strap, resistance controls and comfortable curve plus seat.

Elliptical and cross trainers are the most used pieces of equipment in the gym. Most gym-goers often start or end their workouts with a cardio routine. Therefore, it is preferable that commercial establishments like gyms, wellness centers, spas and hotels go for commercial cross-trainers and commercial ellipticals. The following are some of the best commercial cross-trainers available in the market.

LifeFitness DX Elliptical is an ergonomic cross-trainer designed to appeal to those who want a sleeker, chic cross-trainer with expansive workout options.

Stair climbers and stair mills are not absolutely popular in the fitness world. However, both of them actually give you a pretty good workout. They tone the muscles in your buttocks and legs. They also give you an excellent and vigorous cardio workout.

So What is the Difference?
A stair climber is less bulky compared to a stair mill. The former has two pedals and the way you use them mimics the action of your feet as you climb up some steps. The latter on the other hand looks something like a short flight of stairs that allow you to climb up but then the steps cascade as you make your climb.