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Infight Fitness Vanguard Multi Gym – Make Your Facility Fly

When it comes to multigyms you need one that is great quality from a trusted brand.

Hear what our fitness Guru – Tim Garrett has to say about the subject:

“After using gym equipment 6 days a week for over 21 years I have come to learn a thing or two about what’s good and what is not good and believe me getting a multigym that is great quality is very important, why?”

“Let’s take a real life example, I used an old Body Solid multigym (admittedly they are much better now) and I had to stop because using it was so horrible, it didn’t move smoothly, the resistance wasn’t consistent, there was too much friction and it didn’t target my muscles correctly, on top of that it was falling apart.”*

* disclaimer: The views of Tim Garrett are his personal views and the machine in reference hadn’t been serviced or fixed in over 10 years.


Some Highlights:

  • You get 2300 kg rated carbles and large 4 ½ inch pulleys which ensures it will be a great multigym for your facility
  • There are two 70kg weight stacks
  • You can put the leg extension/curl/low pulley on the right or the left side so you can fit it into your space
  • Upgradable weight stack



Inflight Fitness – U.S. designer and manufacturer of commercial strength training equipment


  • 1” pillow block bearings on the press arm, ¼” 4000 pound rated cables and large 4 ½” and 6” pulleys ensure durability and quiet smooth operation.
  • Two 150lb. weight stacks (ten 10lb. plates, ten 5lb. plates).
  • Vanguard assembles in LH and RH configurations to offer the best exercise experience for your fitness room.


  • Steel shrouds powder coated and clear coated for a mar resistant and lustrous finish.
  • Weight stacks can be upgraded in 50 lb. increments up to 300 lbs. each.
  • Optional Leg Press Station shares Chest Press weight stack.
  • Optional Cable Column Station shares Leg Ext/Curl weight stack.
  • 3rd Stack Cable Column available.
  • 4 Stack Vanguard with Cable Cross available.


    • 82″ (W) x 81″ (L) x 85″ (H)
    • 208cm x 206cm x 216cm
  • (370kg)
  • Two Weight Stacks 150lbs (68kg) each