NordicTrack GS 3.9

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NordicTrack GS 3.9 Spin Bike – Spin Your Wheels To Low Body Fat

There’s a reason people love spinning like they love their religion, it’s because it provides an incredible workout and therefore incredible results.


Because you have the perfect bike to do sprints, hill climbs and interval training on, the perfect options for raising your metabolism for a long time and burning  a lot of calories during and after your workout.

Coupled with a great diet that is low on heavy carbs and you’ll have great results.

Do you want to know what low ’heavy’ carbs really means? Then buy this or any of our other products and you get 1000 aed worth of free bonuses including our diet system that the Gym Fit Out Fitness Guru Tim Garrett has developed over his 21 years in the fitness industry. 

Back to the NordicTrack Spin Bike, one of the key things to note is the weight of the flywheel, at 18kgs it’s a hallmark of a quality home exercise bike that means it will last for a long time. It also helps provide more resistance to your workouts or interval training.

The seat is very comfortable and adjusts up and down as well as horizontally.

You get a water bottle holder and foot clips which help you generate more power into the pedal for a more intense workout. If you don’t like using the foot clips, just flip the pedal to the other side and use them normally like you would use a bike outside on the road.

Using a spin bike just in case you never have can without the feature you are about to read about, be a bit dangerous, they have a flywheel that is very heavy and once you start pedalling, that heavy flywheel just keeps on going which means the pedals keep on going and if you don’t have an emergency stop like the one here, the pedals keep turning with tremendous force. No issues here, the emergency brake is easy to use.

So are you prepared for the workout of your life? If so then click buy and we will deliver this bike to you within 1 to 3 working days.



18 kg

Console Display

LCD COnsole

Resistance Level

Adjustable Resistance


Adjustable Seat with Padding


Dual Pedals

Max. User Capacity

115 kg (254 lbs)

Product weight

47 kg


127 x 54 x 114 cm

Integrated Features

Front Mounted Transport Wheels

Effective Inertia

18 kg


Dual Pedals


Adjustable Resistance

Max. User Weight

115 kg


(L x W x H) 127 x 54 x 114 cm