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About Impulse Fitness

The Chinese Supplier You Should Definitely Trusy

I know most people are worried about the quality and durability of Chinese equipment, I was myself many years ago but I’ve since changed my mind when it comes to 4 chineese manufacturers, one of them is Impulse Fitness.

They have over 35 years of experience supplying health and fitness equipment to Clients around the world.

In fact, they are the original equipment manufacturer for many of the leading, famous names in the gym equipment industry.

They hold the following ISO certifications: ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, ISO10015 and OHSAS 18001, and have 41 highly skilled electrical and mechanical engineers.

They adhere to strict USA and European industrial design standards and their products and processes and really world class.

We have many Impulse Fitness items, much more than we can list here, if you’re looking for equipment for your commercial gym you will love Impulse Fitness, the price and quality is brilliant, don’t wait, get in touch today!