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Ellipticals Reviews – Buyers Guide

Ellipticals or cross trainers as they are sometimes known, ROCK.

Great for those of you out there with knees that can’t take the impact of running and the super bonus of upper body resistance is huge. With a range of options and price points for practically every budget and use we have you covered with the pick of the 495 ellipticals that are currently available in the UAE.
Commercial Cross-Trainers


This top of the line commercial elliptical is the one you want if you have a premium/high end club or you’re a consumer and you want the best.

With a choice of 3 consoles that vary the price you have different price points available with the same commercial grade running gear and super durable frame.

You get apple and adroid compatibility so hooking up your phone is a breeze.

These are Bluetooth enabled so tracking options and courses for you to discover are also an option.

Sure makes exercise more entertaining.

We love Life Fitness and for the main reason that these machines just go on and on, no matter what you do to it.

Only nuclear war would wipe one out!

The neat bits of this commercial elliptical:

The war grade manufacturing standardsNice pedal travel and gate so even with high resistance it feels goodApple and Android compatibilityVarious price options depending on screen choice

The not so neat bits:

Not foldableThe price, but you get what you pay for


We Love it, we’ve used them for decades and they have never let us down.


This is one of the best and it is approximately 10,000 aed cheaper than rivals like The Life Fitness one we’ve featured here.

You’ve still got the same durability and war grade manufacturing but less brand coolness.

However, what you have got is a whole different movement structure, some love it and some prefer Life Fitness, if this is for a home gym we recommend you use both for 10 minutes each in the showroom to get a feel for what you like the best.

As with all ellipticals you can choose which muscle groups to focus on, this is a bonus.

You’ve got a bottle holder and magazine/book clips to make it super functional.

The Neat Bits of This Commercial Elliptical:

3 viewing modes on the screen – customisableEvery hook, nook and cranny you’ll need to store your stuff21 incline levels900 watts resistance – this is great.

The Not So Neat Bits:

The team at Gym Fit Out Dubai have the overall consensus that the look is not great so if style is your mojo then you wont be going for this oneCertain users don’t like the feeling of the machine


A great piece of equipment if you want to save 10,000 aed per machine, who doesn’t!


Sole Fitness. Award Winning F85, in Dubai


You don’t have 7 homes yet so why do you need a commercial elliptical for your home? And even if you have 7 houses you may still want to save money, this is where the Sole Fitness E95 comes in…

…It’s a great machine.

With a 30-pound flywheel, the flywheel being critical because this is the main part that determines how hard the top resistance can be AND:

When you’re doing high intensity interval training like we advise our clients to do for body fat loss, you’ll need a high resistance.

It has Bluetooth so you can use a 3rd party app like iHealth or MyFitnessPal.

And..its a great price.

The Neat Bits About This Commercial Elliptical:

Regularly wins ‘Best Buy’ competitions on national and international review sites like oursiPod connection2 cooling fans (handy for that sweaty workout sesh!)

The Not So Neat Bits:

If you’re tall then the stride length may be too smallSpeakers are not so loudIts really wide and long, maybe unnecessarily so


A great price elliptical and if its in your budget hot zone and you want something that will last for your whole family go for it.


Hello cost savings, although not cheap, it is…great value.

We don’t like cheap here as we know it’s the easiest way to kill your health and fitness goals.

Using a machine that has a falling apart feeling is not nice and will be the easiest way to give up your new-found weight loss or fitness goals.

Doesn’t it look great also, believe me, compared to its peers it looks like a sturdy workhorse.

The Neat Bits About This Home Elliptical:

7 Inch screeniFit coach personal training function for accountability and motivation25 pound flywheelAdjustable stride length

The Not So Neat Bits:

No wireless heart rate functionGetting parts can take ages as reported by users


For a small residential gym or your home this is great.

Do you fancy having a new workout everyday or at least the choice, of course you do…

…this machine has you covered, you can download a new workout anytime from the iFit program.

Super cool.