What screen to choose for your StairMaster?

That really depends on your budget and how much you like to watch apps like Netflix or You Tube while you are
exercising. There are three screens to choose from: LCD, a 10” or a 15’ touchscreen. For more information check out
or comparison chart below.

The Different Stairmaster’s Available

Everything from the top Commercial model with a 15” touchscreen to a home model, find the Stairmaster that’s right for you

The 10G is the model you want if money is no object and love the sound of the ‘overdrive’ function which simulates pushing a load upstairs, see the oversized handles that aid this explosive and astonishing workout.

Then you have the 8GX which delivers fully commercial experience of the ultimate workout – the Stairmaster workout.

And lastly you have a brilliant home option, the Stepmill 3 SM3.