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Hi There,

Of course you need well priced gym equipment but the last thing you want is gym equipment that breaks down and is horrible for whoever uses it.

You are assured of quality with us because we truly care, for all of 21 years in the health and fitness industry I have only sold products and services I know are great.

The best bit…

…we are independent consultants so we have access to the entire market, that’s unlike most companies who only try to sell you the equipment they have a distributor licence to sell, the result is that, from us you get the best choice of the whole market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question : I am looking for a very good gym package but not too expensive, can you give me an example of how much it might be?
Answer : Lets run through an example, a typical that we sell looks something like this, you’ll have: 2 treadmills
2 elliptical
1 bike
1 multigym
1 set of 2.5 to 25kg dumbbells and the rack
1 adjustable bench
1 exercise ball
2 exercise mats
If we spec medium priced, great quality gym machines that are also budget friendly, for example Impulse Fitness or Hoist and Startrack then it will come to about 61,750 aed, excluding VAT. It typically has 1 year warranty for the cardio, on the belt (if the cardio machine is a treadmill), the screen and the electronics and it has a lifetime warranty on the frame excluding accidental damage. For a gym like this we can usually install within 1-3 working days after we have received your payment.

Question : I want to buy some gym equipment items wholesale but I don’t know the prices, can you give me some examples:
Answer : Yes, lets first look at entry level machines, the types that are extremely durable and are not going to fall apart and stop working after 3 months. We don’t sell cheap equipment, saying that we do sell great equipment at extremely fair prices. An entry level treadmill, one that is fully commercial, not one designed for use in a home will start at 8799 aed, for that you get a treadmill that weights 200kg, has a 170kg maximum user weight, which is a key indicator of how durable it is and has a 4.0 continuous horsepower motor which is plenty powerful for long use by multiple users a day which you have to factor in when you are purchasing wholesale gym equipment. Then if you want a better option, maybe something with fancier tech and ascetics then you are looking in the range of 11,000 aed to about 18,000 aed. Then if you want one of the top 5 American brands, then you are looking at 29,000 aed up to 65,000 aed. Bikes range from 4499 aed for an impulse fitness fully commercial bike up to about 23,000 aed for a life fitness club series bike with a great screen. Multigyms range from about 19,449 aed for a body solid unit, for example the G9S to 60,000 aed for a Life Fitness, 8 station Jungle. For the smaller items, have a browse of our site or get in touch for more information, we would be happy to serve you.

Question : I want to get premium, USA gym equipment, what brands would you consider.
Answer : The top USA brands are:
  • Life Fitness
  • Precor
  • Matrix
  • Then also consider the premium Italian brands
  • Technogym
  • Panant
  • And you could consider these brands too
  • Woodway
  • Stairmaster
  • Eliko
  • Rouge Fitness
  • Concept 2
  • Assault Fitness

  • Question : How long does it take you to deliver and install
    Answer : Unlike some of the bigger organisations in the UAE who require 15 days after you agree to purchase from them (they need an LPO, they need management sign off, they need authorisation from the warehouse, etc, etc) we only require 1-3 working days, we are quick, nimble and love making our Clients happy.

    Question : What’s your typical warranty?
    Answer : its usually 1 year but it can be longer, sometimes we include a free AMC for 1 to 3 years as well. On most cardiovascular machines, for example treadmill, ellipticals and bikes as examples the warranty is usually 1 year. There are companies that do longer, but we’ve found that they are usually a lot less competitive on price.

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