Warning: This machine is incredible and if it wasn’t for the hot guys and girls wandering around, would make gym’s extinct.

Almost everything you could ever want in a gym, in 1 machine.

You’d be amazed what you can do on this, even assisted chin ups! I mean wow.

I’ve been working in gyms for over 21 years and I haven't seen anything as cool as this.

I might just have to be their brand ambassador.

Trust me, within 6 months from today (30.1.2019) there will be 5 copycats on the market.

The great thing about this machine...

…The movement, feel, build quality is like that of a machine in a commercial gym. Its great and you will love it.

Let’s put it into perspective:

...there are multigyms that are a LOT more expensive than this but not as good and take up so much more room in your gym or house, then there are double pulley machines that are MORE expensive but have 90 less exercises you can do on them.

I can't really explain better than that – go buy it while stocks last.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words and therefore a video is worth a million words, check out this video:

Note: put this video into the review:


Are you looking for the BEST home gym ever?

This is part my personal dream home gym. All I’d need is a weights bench, dumbells, a smith machine and weigths as well as a ball and exercise matt and I’d be set.

Life Fitness are one of the top 3 global brands for gym equipment and it shows with this piece.

It has severely good functionality, a great chin/pull up bar, great weight range and a range of accessories to suit any type of training.

Did you know you can do over 600 exercises on this one machine.

I’ve said it’s a functional machine but anyone should have one of these, anyone who is into weights and conditioning, or body building or functional fitness.

The best bits:

Super versatile, over 600 exercise optionsA range of 37 accessoriesUp to 50 kgs on each stack, extendable if you purchase extra

What could be improve:

Not much but if im being picky…It is a little too narrow for some really big usersThe bar for chin-ups/pull-ups sometimes feels a little too thin


Amazing piece of kit that I’d personally love to have and so should you, if you can stretch your budget to get this for your home or home gym…you definitely should…enjoy.