Matrix E50 - XIR Touchscreen & Online Personal Trainer + 5% VAT

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The Matrix E50 Elliptical – Prepare To Be Stunned

This cross trainer has all of the critical elements you would want and need.

Connect your devices or fitness app via Bluetooth and enjoy the patented ergonomic movement that is designed to produce superior results and ultimate comfort.

Connect via the ‘Passport’ App so that your machines stats are displayed on your large screen TV as well as connecting automatically to any device like a Fitbit or Apple Watch.

And if you connect Virtual Active you can see amazing routes that you are literally travelling along, and the super cool bit, these are synced to your machine so the faster you go, the faster you move along the route you can see on your TV.

Do you fancy an automated interval training workout on demand? Matrix have got you covered, with Sprint 8, there are pre-programmed sprint intervals that you can use to stay on top of your fitness game.

There’s 30 levels with the uppermost levels providing ample resistance for interval training and hill climbing workouts which provide an incredible boost to your metabolism and calorie burning efforts.

You can either purchase a heart rate monitoring strap separately for increased accuracy and it connects to the cross trainer or use the integrated handles so that you know if you are in the ‘HOT’ zone or not.

 And boy does the XIR screen pack a punch, its great high definition graphics and immersive programs make working out a joy. 

What does our Fitness Guru Tim Garrett have to say about it?

“Doesn’t it look cool, Matrix put out some seriously cool exercise machines these days and this is no exception. Space age looks and some great technology are combined beautifully on the E30 cross trainer.

After trying the Passport and Sprint 8 apps, I just know you are going to love using this machine and I guarantee you it will take a very long time to get bored of this machine.”

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