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Matrix U30 – the Future Is Hear NOW

Yes oh yes, it is, in the form of the Matrix U30 exercise bike.

It looks futuristic and the design is innovative.

The design not only looks great but it also has lit the market on fire, everyone’s talking about it. Not only that, it saves approximately 25% more space than a traditionally designed bike.

It has a maximum user weight of 158kgs, for those of you who don’t know, the more the weight the bike can hold the studier and stronger the design, everything from the welding to the thickness of the frame will change as the maximum user weight goes up.

It has a fresh patented seat design called ‘Comfort Arc’ which moulds into the size of your backside, excuse my French!

It comes Passport Ready which is a small USB device that is sold separately which you can use to connect the bike and all the workouts you do to your Apple Watch or Android health monitoring program. With this software along with the in-built ViaFit, you can join challenges. You can see how the top performers are doing around the world with their workouts and set specific goals which you can track via the free app.

Now, I'm guessing this could be over the budget you had pictured in your mind, but come one, when was the last time you went over budget? If you’re anything like me, it was probably not so long ago. Treat yourself and get a bike that will last for ages, be wonderful to exercise on, keep you motivated and help you get better results.

You know you want to.



Resistance Range

20 Levels, electronically adjustable

Power Requirements

120V AC power, 15A circuit

Max. User Weight

158 Kg

Assembled Dimension

122 x 62 x 143 cm

Frame Type

Dual Form™

Pedal Type

Self-Balancing Pedals

Seat Type

Comfort Arc Upright Seat

Resistance System

ECB magnetic brake

Heart Rate Measurement

Hand Grips


ViaFit Connectivity

Console Display

8.5" Extra-wide blue LCD


Passport Ready, ViaFit


Calorie, Intervals, Manual, Rolling Hills, Sprint 8, Target Heart Rate (speed based)