NordicTrack S45i + 5% VAT

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How about never lacking motivation or getting bored on a run or walk ever again! Sounds like hype yet many of the users of iFit and NordicTrack have said exactly that.

NordicTrack is like your dream personal trainer guiding you on a run or walk through the most dreamy places on earth, that’s right you will virtually travel through some of the most breath-taking scenery and routes known to mankind!

On top of that this treadmill has a powerful 3.5 continuous horsepower motor and a maximum user weight of 135kg, the user weight a treadmill can handle is a key figure to watch as it means the treadmill is better built and will last longer and 135kg is very respectable.

It has a folding space saving design which comes in handy for most people and has a great 55x20 inch running platform.

You’ve got a 10 inch high definition touchscreen which adds some great looking features to your treadmill.

There’s speakers, Bluetooth and a great joint cushioning system which take a lot of pressure of your knees while running or walking.

This Is an incredible treadmill at this fabulous price, jump on this deal before they go out of stock.

Buy yours today and have it delivered tomorrow.



Model Number



3.0 CHP Motor

Tread Belt

51 x 140 cm


Dual 2 Inch Speakers


1.9 Inch Precision-Balanced Rollers


Auto Breeze Fan

Weight Capacity

135 kg Weight Capacity


63 / 126 / 144