ProForm Hybrid Trainer 5 + 5% VAT

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The ProForm Hybrid Trainer 5 – Have Your Cake and Eat It

Is it really possible to have a bike and an elliptical in one machine you ask? Oh yes, and here ProForm a Storied manufacturer with over 30 years of experience have proved it.

You get a comfortable recumbent bike which supports your back, perfect for the older exerciser or someone with a bad back and a normal elliptical all in one very cool machine.

If you’re looking to do hard intervals or you are above 6ft tall then we would advise you increase your budget and buy something like the Matrix E30 we have for sale on this site as the stride length is not too long and it only has a 9kg flywheel, the flywheel is the main component that determines how hard the resistance can go to.

It has a great resistance system, it uses the SMR – silent magnetic resistance which as the name suggests is silent, great if you are using this in the room next to your sleeping kids!

The seat adjust when you’re using the bike so you can get comfortable for long workouts.

You can connect the machine to our favourite on-demand, trainer led workout program iFit, with this app you can use your machine to travel along (either cycling or running though) exotic locations around the world.

There’s 20 pre-set workouts to keep you from getting bored and the resistance levels go up to 20. You’ll love the 3 inch x 4 inch LCD monitor.

So if this sounds awesome and I think you’ll agree it does then make the smart choice, the choice you know you want and buy it today.