Fully Commercial Vs. Semi Commercial Treadmills

Fully Commercial Vs. Semi Commercial Treadmills

Did you know that a treadmill could be called commercial but breakdown all the time and ruin your relationship with your members and destroy your business?

Did you know some dealers go about calling some treadmills fully commercial when they are technically semi commercial and that’s if you’re lucky!

Now the problem gets worse, much worse, a commercial treadmill in a busy members gym or residential building in Dubai is the piece of equipment people practically kill to get on, don’t believe me, I’ve seen real fights start over this very same problem.

If you have a membership base of 2000 people with 20% of these actively coming to your facility and you have 6 treadmills and one is out, that 15%, if two are out that’s 30% of the treadmills, considering a good commercial treadmill will get used and abused for over 4 hours a day on average in a typical gym and they are the most popular machine, then you better make sure yours is the best quality.

Did you know vanilla ice cream outsells the number two seller by over 100%? It’s the same with commercial treadmills, they are used 200% more than any other piece of equipment in the gym.

Now consider that to American’s everyone that is seemingly stuck in the Middle East is some kind of wild man living in the desert or a Sheikh living in Burj Khalifa and the fact that its over 3 days on a ship to get a part here and you can imagine the supply problems that you might face for spare parts for your treadmill.

Having worked in gyms in commercial businesses and as a personal trainer for over 20 years I have seen first hand what broken down treadmills can do to members patience and new member sign up rates.

So how can you identify a commercial treadmill vs. a non commercial or semi commercial treadmill.

Let’s compare some pictures, which do you think is fully vs. semi-commercial? – 1. Or 2?


Or 2?

Its pretty easy to spot the difference, another tip, have a look at the price, if its one of the top 3 – Technogym, Life Fitness or Precor you are not going to find a fully commercial for under 38,000, just forget it!

If it’s a sub brand like Startrack, Matrix or a similar brand you might be able to pick up a good fully commercial for approximately 25 to 37,000 aed each.

That’s how much you NEED to pay for quality, quality that your members will love and tell all their friends about.

If you need consultation on your gym set up or you want to purchase commercial or home gym equipment for your project or gym then please get in touch.


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