Gym Fit Out Dubai – The ultimate Resource for Treadmills in Dubai

Gym Fit Out Dubai – The ultimate Resource for Treadmills in Dubai


When you’re looking for the best value treadmill in the UAE, you need an authoritative resource, some place to go to get the best advice.

Its not quite as simple as looking online for advice from a US website, although that can be useful at times.

However, the issue you’ll face is that stock and availability is different to the US And not all the equipment manufacturers are represented here.

So why not come to an expert that combines the experience and education and knowledge of the ALL the fitness equipment suppliers in the UAE – That’s over 60 years of combined experience of only the 4 biggest players in the market, and….

We have access to all the suppliers at the same rate they would sell something to you or sometimes lower because of our buying power.

Because our sister companies Corporate Wellness Co and Healthy 4 U specialise in fitness and wellness 1. It gives us a unique vantage point to be able to help you get the best treadmill in the UAE and 2. It enables us to sometimes offer some amazing value-added services to your deal.

Anyway, back to the resources.

What treadmill brands that are worth looking at are directly represented in the UAE.

There is of course the top 3 – Life Fitness, Technogym and Precor, 2 American and one Italian brand, these are generally considered to be the best in the world.

Then there are brands like Nordicktrak, STEX and Matrix, who all have direct suppliers in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Every year we review the best treadmills available and have one available for every price category from 4500 and upwards.

We don’t sell cheap treadmills, they are a disaster.

In another one of our articles we’ve covered the things to look out for, so you can get a treadmill that is fantastic to use and won’t break down.

Please, please don’t buy cheap, they are not nice to use, and they cause so many problems to you and your family or the end users you will b buying one for.

Trust me, I’ve personally worked in gyms nearly every day of my life from age 19 (I’m the ripe old age of 37 now!) and I’ve seen it all.

Frankly, it makes me a tiny bit depressed and sad using an old, horrible treadmill.

Then I’ve worked at gyms when a treadmill or God forbid, more than one treadmill has broken down, it literally causes fights and members who may have been having a bad day use it as an excuse to blow their top! Its not pretty, I’ve been the person who has been in the receiving end of a mad members rage when it comes to not being able to use their beloved treadmill!

Even if you work for a company purchasing a treadmill for one of your Clients say for example a real estate company, you want Clients for life, right?

That won’t happen if you sell them a treadmill that sucks. They will be mad and that will ruin your reputation and could eventually lead to you getting fired.


These are our top 3 recommendations today for the 3 main price ranges: low end, medium and high end.

1. Low End (BUT: Not Cheap)
Nautilus T628
Price = 7500 aed.

    2. Medium Line (READ: not cheap)
    The STEX - ST5T
    Price = 27,000 aed.

    3. High End
    Life Fitness Club Series. 2018
    Price = 63,000 aed.

      If I had to choose one thing and one thing only on a treadmill what would it be?

      I would have to say a solid build, there is nothing worse than having a squeaky, weak treadmill that moves all over the place when you’re running, it literally ruins the fluidity of a workout and causes you over time to resent the treadmill and either move to outside workouts or worse yet, stop running entirely.

      Every single one of the treadmills I have listed have got this solid, built for life feeling that only the best treadmills have. I would say that the Life Fitness one is the very best in this regard.

      I hope I have been able to help?

      If you would like consultation on the VERY BEST treadmill for your individual needs then get in touch today, its free after all and we have over 20 year’s experience to be able to guide you.


      Kind Regards,

      Tim Garrett

      Gym Fit Out Dubai

      052 699 3955

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