No Two Treadmills Are Alike

No Two Treadmills Are Alike

Are any tow treadmills the same, no, not unless they are the same of course maybe I should leave my humour for the weekend, not my articles!

What I want to highlight and educate you on in this article is the stark difference between a good treadmill and a bad one, you’d be amazed how different they are to use and how they will effect your business.

When your running a business or getting a quote for a tender, I do know how important cost is and a lot of Clients are people who do that for a living, they order different products and services for multiple projects, for example residential projects or hotels for example.

Now if you’re in a procurement position you are judged on the prices you can get and I do understand, however, please take just a few seconds to consider how important it is to get a product that works and doesn’t break down, even if it isn’t a job in hand and its out to tender the quality is still important, if the machine breaks down and causes the people using that treadmill to complain to the management in the building or hotel for example then it will eventually look very bad on you.

You need to be fully aware of the potential disaster ahead, after all, you could get sacked if you do a terrible job, even if you got a great price, its just not worth it.

Now let me help you and guide you so you can do a great job, get promoted and help the end users to have an amazing fitness experience.

Treadmill Price

Anything under 20,000 aed is not going to last in a gym that gets medium to heavy usage.

Really you should be looking at the 30,000 aed plus price range and the best treadmills that you can buy and should buy if you can cost 50 to 60,000 aed.

Treadmill Brand

Here are my top recommendations, with these brands of treadmills you cannot go wrong:

  • Life Fitness
  • Technogym
  • Precor
  • Matrix

BUT – these brands do semi commercial or gym lines so ensure its fully commercial if your gym has medium to heavy use.

Then there are brands that are still very good but a little cheaper like:

  • Nordick Trak
  • STEX
  • Etc

Treadmill Warranty

Don’t think that a 1 or 2 year warranty is enough, even with the top brands you might only get a 2year warranty but my point is that the pain and disruption of a treadmill that breaks down even if the cost is contained because of the warranty is a big disruption to your business.

So sure look for a 2 year warranty but don’t think that will save you, invest in a great treadmill for your project and it will sever you well over the years.

Treadmill Usage

Just think about what a treadmill goes through, you have people that weigh 80 to 110kgs putting 200 kg of pressure on the treadmill deck through just one specific point, one foot at a time, then people sweat buckets over these things, they will most likely suffer from dust and sand in the internals and this is for hours each day, the strain is immense.

Kind Regards,

Tim Garrett

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