Our Guide to Sustainable Commercial Cardiovascular Gym Equipment

Our Guide to Sustainable Commercial Cardiovascular Gym Equipment

Great Value Commercial Cardio Equipment

When looking for commercial cardio gym equipment, it makes sense to check out different providers before settling for one. Ideally, you should also check the products themselves and see if they are of a good quality. Here is what you should know about certain commercial gym equipment on a budget.

S25T Commercial Treadmill

With adjustable speed and a one touch system that provides users with complete control over their workout, this treadmill makes for excellent basic cardio. Counting as one of the more affordable commercial treadmills on the market today, the unit still manages to provide all the basic needs of every exercise enthusiast starting with varying speed, data analyzer, and even an iPod dock to keep you motivated during the run.

Users of the product have noted the smooth transition as you switch from one speed to another. There is also the fact that it measures several parameters including speed, distance, heart rate, calories burned, and even exercise profile.

S25U Upright Bike

Sometimes it feels good to just sit down while allowing the legs to do most of the work. This is exactly what the Upright Bike is for as it promotes leg exercise while keeping the back straight, shoulders strong, and core tight.

Featured as one of the most purchased affordable commercial upright bikes on the market, this unit boasts of an ergonomic saddle so you will feel comfortable sitting even when cycling for hours. It also has a Hybrid system that lets you charge your phone while working out definitely a plus. The resistance control also means you can make the workout harder or easier depending on your goal.

Other features include a heart rate control program, user defined programs, time control programs, and even a cool down function for those who just want to reduce stress at work.

S25E Elliptical Trainer

An excellent addition to the collection of commercial affordable cardio machines, an elliptical trainer does not just help with leg power but also helps tighten the core and improve the arms. It is a favorite cardio equipment for women as it allows them to hit both upper and lower bodies at the same time.

This particular model has an excellent reputation with varying resistance and a smooth over all body impact. It also comes with a charging port for mobile phones and a workout program that guarantees results. In line with modern technology, it comes with a display screen that helps measure various workout parameters.

All these cardio equipment are praised not just for their versatility and effectiveness but also for the simple fact that they have a small foot print in the office. At highly affordable prices, it is not surprising that many companies choose these models for their office gym.

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