Peloton Hack

Peloton Hack

Peloton Hack – Get The Peloton Experience At Home in The UAE (at a fraction of the cost!)


The world has changed over the last few years!

Our lifestyles have been turned on their heads, covid, work from home has meant an increasing number of people are working out at home.

According to The Washington Post, sales of some fitness items have increased 600% due to the covid pandemic.

Startingly, sales of Peloton bikes and treadmills has increased 300% and that’s a conservative estimate.

There’s only one problem, Peloton does not sell anything in the UAE and your only option is to buy online and ship via a courier, more than tripling the price, that’s maybe too much for some people.


So, what should you do?

Make a home-made Peloton lookalike bike at home, before you dismiss the idea as a low quality alternative, think again, you can have a really great option at about 25% of the price if you consider the expensive freight charges of getting a 98kg Peloton bike to the UAE.


The Peloton bike is an indoor bicycle but what makes it so unique?

It is a high-end bicycle. It comes attached with a 22 inch touchscreen. The bike can be connected online and the user get the option of streaming live classes. You can also connect with your friends and compete with them.

The leader board and community element really works like a dream to keep you motivated to achieve your health and physique goals.

Coming to the cost part. A Peloton bike can be yours for approbatively 15,605 aed, let me show you how you can get a super alternative for 25% of the cost.


Let me show you how it works.

You will need a few things.

First you will need a stationary spin bike. Depending on the budget you can have a brand new bike or you can go for a used one. The pointer you should keep in mind when going for a second hand bike are shared.


What spin bike to buy?


The resistance system of Spin Bike should be one of your key considerations?

Spin bikes come with two types of resistance system – physical or magnetic.

The physical resistance bikes work more like a real bicycle. They have a spring driven double callipers which provide resistance by pushing pads against the flywheel. It is good for your budget but on durability count it scores low.

On the other hand the magnetic resistance is more consistent and the user has the option to adjust the resistance level as per the requirement.



Seat and Handle Adjustability?

If you are opting for a used bike then the model will be important. The older models don’t have much in terms of adjusting seats and handles.

If you get a newer model it will provide you option to adjust seat and handle. The resistance level can also be adjusted in these bikes.

The second requirement once you have a spin bike is the iPad or tablet that you’ll need to participate and be immersed in the addictive Peoloton classes. Any tablet with wireless will do, although we recommend getting at least a 10 inch tablet.

The cool thing is you don’t need to buy a Peloton bike to get access to the app. The Peloton app is available for both the Android and Apple users at a cost of 47 aed per month. The Apple Store version displays heart rate and cadence which is not available to Android users.

The next you will need is a holder where you will put your tablet, some bikes have these built in and if yours doesn’t then lots are easily available on

Once this is taken care of you will need a cadence sensor. The speed at which you are pedalling is measured by this sensor. While working on Peloton bike the app needs to measure the speed at which you are going. The sensor is connected to the device via Bluetooth.

The last of our requirements would be heart rate monitor. It usually is worn on the wrist or chest. What suits you the best can be procured online.

Now…you have created a Peloton bike at the fraction of the cost of the original.

If you want to avoid this hassle, we can do this all for you.

Just let us know, get in touch today for some help.

Go get it.



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