The 8-Step Guide to Choosing An Awesome Used Elliptical

The 8-Step Guide to Choosing An Awesome Used Elliptical

The elliptical is one of the popular, most sought-after pieces of exercise equipment for home gyms and fitness centres.

If you’re buying a used one you will have to put some extra effort into ensuring you are investing your hard-earned money wisely.

That being said you can get an awesome deal on a used elliptical in the UAE if you use this guide as your foundation.

The Elliptical machine is great for cardio workouts, puts less impact on your knees in comparison to the treadmill and the elliptical movement helps protect your joints from any damage, it is recommended for rehabbing for anyone with knee, hip and back injuries too.

No wonder, it is the first choice of equipment for home gyms.

A few of the benefits of elliptical are as follows-

  1. Low impact on your knees
  2. Great for lower and upper body workout
  3. Burn body fat
  4. Improve balance, boost stamina

Buying a used elliptical can be confusing, you might end up buying a piece of equipment that can be total junk.

Fret not, in this guide you’ll get to know what to check in an elliptical before making a purchase. So that when you make that purchase, you get most out of it.


Let's get down to it.

Different Types of elliptical-

  • Center Drive- Most compact design, pedal reaches the back; gentle workout.
  • Front Drive- Basic design, affordable, noisy and vibrate quite a bit.
  • Rear Drive- The Longest design, the smoothest workout; allows for an incline.


Gather information and go through reviews online to know the high quality ellipticals available in the market. Find out all about the renowned brands for elliptical machines. The motive is to avoid buying low quality elliptical made of inferior materials, its betterto be informedso you avoid making a bad purchase.

Get to know the machine

Do your due diligence from the shop you’re buying from before committing to the purchase.

If you are buying a pre-owned elliptical, getting the equipment at a good price is not the only concern, good quality and the workable condition makes the purchase worth it.

Don’t shy away from asking questions such as-

Why is he selling? When has he made the purchase? What is the model? How often the equipment was used? If any part was replaced? When or if the elliptical maintenance is ever done?


Check the elliptical if it offers the feature of adjustable or manual incline. Incline is used to add intensity to the workout. Try adjusting the incline, check to see if it works or not. If the elliptical jerks or vibrates too much, not a good indication.


Most of the elliptical provides adjustable resistance. Use the elliptical at various resistance levels to find out if it offers resistance corresponding to that level or not. It should be very easy to operate the elliptical at the lowest resistance and quite a challenge at about 70 percent. While using, you should be able to experience noticeable changes at different resistance levels.

Smooth Motion

Make sure the pedals run quietly and smoothly.
Take note, if it vibrates or jerks while in motion. It should fit so that you are comfortable through the movement. None of the pieces should obstruct your motion.

Stride Length

Look near the pedals to find out if adjustable stride is available in the elliptical. If not, then check stride length. Some ellipticals offer a 14-inch stride which are not comfortable for an average sized person.

Test Run

Have a test run on the elliptical. Look closely to examine all the features, are they working properly. Inspect it for any wear or tear.

Make sure to inspect the elliptical based on the above-mentioned checklist. It will help you in selecting an elliptical that you could use to reach your fitness goals.


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