The Best Commercial Treadmill Available in the Middle East

The Best Commercial Treadmill Available in the Middle East

It’s the treadmill that your members or end users would dream of it a treadmill was a supercar.

This is the fully commercial treadmill that does it all including:

  • Will run only with scheduled maintenance for 5 years or more.
  • It will wear well, and constant use and constant sweating will not affect it
  • It will look great five years after you bought it
  • This treadmill is easy to use and has great programs to pre-set great workouts into it
  • It can track your workouts
  • It has a deck that take the impact of your members day by day but also protects their knees
  • It can power itself or even better – bring a net energy gain to your company, that’s right the correct commercial treadmill will make your DEWA bills cheaper

So, what is this treadmill you ask, let me show it to you.

So why specifically does this treadmill run the show?

  • It has a 26 km per hour top speed, that’s 5 KMH faster than its nearest competitor.
  • It has a decline function, it can go to a maximum of -3% also a one up on the best competitor commercial treadmill in the Dubai.
  • It has a 4-horse power motor making it the ideal treadmill for gym use, quiet and powerful and long-lasting. If you are looking for a commercial treadmill for your gym, residential building or hotel then this is the one you need
  • It got a 5 Star review from review treadmills in the USA and these guys and girls know what they are talking about.
  • Warranty (in the USA) is a very powerful one compared to some competitors, It is 7 years on the Frame, 5 years on Motor, 2 years Parts and Console and 1 year on Labor


What is it like to use?

Its great, it has a sturdy deck and according the manual can take someone up to 260kgs, that means it is built for business.

The flexible, shock absorbed running deck on this fully commercial treadmill is designed with a long life in mind.

It has a numbers section where you can pre-set speeds which is really useful if you are doing variable interval training, your gym members in the Dubai will love that.

Its compatible with Activelinkxx, an app that lets you program routes to complete and that’s tracked by your app and you can even virtually run races with people from all around the world, now – how cool is that? The best thing about treadmills like this is that they have gone through literally decades of constant and never ending improvement, the paint doesn’t start to crack when countless people sweat all over it, the numbers on the screen don’t become invisible because they get worn away, your water bottle doesn’t fall out when you are doing sprint intervals, it won’t make horrible noises like aliens are attacking it and there is nothing to distract you apart from the voice in your head that says you cant do a 11 minute 10km run.

If you would like consultation on the best gym equipment in the UAE for your budget please get in touch.


Kind Regards,

Tim Garrett

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