The Best Multistation For Personal Training

The Best Multistation For Personal Training

All you need to do is to walk around a multigym to bring a tear to your eye well that is if you are a gym buff or something. The sheer systematic arrangement of the gear should be enough to make you proud to own one. And when it comes to multistations for personal training, you can say that nothing compares to the SYNRGY90 series from Life Fitness.

Some of the best options include the following:

  • SYNRGY90 Versa Cable
  • SYNRGY90 Cable Cable
  • SYNRGY90 Versa Versa

We will go over the details of these weight training systems in the discussion below.

SYNRGY90 Versa Cable

The SYNRGY90 Versa Cable is more than just a commercial multi pulley machine. It actually includes a lot of options for a lot of different training regimens. It includes modules for free weight training options. It also includes rope training. You can also add suspension training modules.

Included in this gym equipment are the following:

  • DAP training belt
  • One long handle
  • 1 short handle
  • Battle rope attachment
  • U link adjustment column
  • 2 units of accessory storage shelves
  • 1 Cable Station

The SYNRGY90 Versa Cable has the following configuration options:

  • Floor bolted
  • Rock chin
  • Suspension chin
  • Rope pull
  • Power pivot and power pivot bar
  • Stall bars
  • TRX suspension trainer


You also have the option to add an FXT Dip handle and the FXT step up platform.

SYNRGY90 Cable Cable

The SYNRGY90 Cable Cable comes in a variety of color themes. If you are looking for more traditional options in a commercial multistation then this may be a good fit. This multistation comes with a pair of Cable Motion stations, which can be adjusted as you need them. It also includes accessory storage, accessory center space, and options for chin up bar attachments.

SYNRGY90 Cable Cable will occupy quite some space so you better get your floor area setup. Its live area has the following dimensions: 3.4 m x 3.4 m x 2.9 m. The entire setup has a total weight of 1,351 pounds.

This system includes the following:

  • DAP belt
  • A pair of long handles
  • A pair of short handles
  • A shelf which serves as accessory storage
  • 2 cable stations

Note that the SYNRGY90 Cable Cable does not include any connectors for a punching bag. Additional options for this multistation include the TRX suspension trainer, Power Pivot and Power Pivot bar, stall bars, suspension chin, and rock chin.

SYNRGY90 Versa Versa

If you are looking for commercial functional gym equipment that offers the essentials then this may be what you been looking for. This multistation also offers versatility. It is also outfitted with a pair of u-link adjustments. It is lighter weighing 470 pounds with a total area of 3.8 m x 3.8 m x 2.9 m.

The setup includes a battle rope attachment, a pair of u link adjustment columns, and 4 accessory storage shelves.

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