The Top 3 Recumbent/Recline Commercial Gym bikes Compared and Contrasted So You Can Make the Right Buying Decision for Your Gym

The Top 3 Recumbent/Recline Commercial Gym bikes Compared and Contrasted So You Can Make the Right Buying Decision for Your Gym

A commercial recline bike is more durable and low maintenance than the home-use ones. The following are some of the best recline bikes in the world.

Life Fitness Activate Series Recumbent Bike has five main features namely heart rate monitoring, biomechanically efficient design, reliable belt drive system, self-powered convenience, and quick adjustments. The LifeFitness recline bike is able to detect and monitor the exerciser is heart rate. The sensors are strategically located in the handlebars for quick and accurate reading of the heart rate. The Polar telemetry of the machine enables the monitoring of the heart rate hands-free using the optional chest strap.

The seat can be easily adjusted using one hand. It can be adjusted to 38 different positions to cater to the needs of the user. One of its unique features is the self-powered convenience. This means that the bike is powered mainly by human movement. It does not need electrical outlets to function and can be used anywhere. However, the additional 17 television would need a power outlet.

One notable commercial ergometer today is Artis from Technogym. It is very ideal for older people. It has a comfortable walk-through, adaptable backrest, fast track control and adjustable pedal straps. The walk-through of the Artis is the widest one in the market. It has a 50 cm walkthrough with side bars in the interface. This wide walkthrough with sidebars will greatly help older people while working out.

The fast track control enables the quick and safe adjustment of the bike’s setting even during workout. The dashboard is ergonomically designed. It can hold water bottles and personal items such as smartphones and car keys. It also has a USB port and a plug-in point for iPhones, iPods, MP3 player and earphones. The console is the UNITY 3.0 which is a HD television touchscreen console. The unit has a two-year warranty.

RBK 865 Recumbent Bike from Precor has the airflex seat with a suspension system and a ventilated panel. This seat can be easily adjusted with the use of one hand. The product’s frame is durable because it is made from a steel frame covered with an anti-rust coat. Maintenance and cleaning is also a no problem because it can be cleaned without removing anything.

The product is ergonomically designed. The seat was put in such a way to provide back support and give optimal comfort. It has a belt drive and three-phase generator. It also has a touchscreen console which displays the vital signs and pre-programmed work-outs. This commercial recline bike from Precor is really one of the best.

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