Ways to Help Your Members Have a Varied and Fun Treadmill Workout

Ways to Help Your Members Have a Varied and Fun Treadmill Workout

So you have treadmills in your gym, hopefully supplied by the best gym equipment suppliers in the UAE and Dubai – Who’s that you ask? Us of course!!

But how can you keep your treadmill runs entertaining and engaging.

Commercial treadmills have never been known for being the most exciting pieces of commercial gym equipment, they are built to have a fantastic run on and that’s about it.

Maybe when virtual reality and AR matures then you’ll be able to live a whole different experience when you are running, for the time being we are stuck with our iPod, our creativity and our legs.

However, why don’t you try one of these suggestions on for size?

Running like a dressage horse

In this activity your treadmill run is treated like a beauty pageant, only kidding, but on a serious note, you treat your treadmill run to a form workout, in other words you diligently work on your form and get each body part in sync and aligned.

These are the elements of great running form:

  • Imagine someone is pulling a string directly upward that is attached to the top of your head, this corrects your poor posture quicker than a Yorkshire Wippet!
  • Get your sternum facing straight out, your sternum is your chest bone, make sure it isn’t slouched over as this will decrease your running and breathing power.
  • Make sure you don’t stand too close to the front as you wont be able to get an adequate stride length.

Side Galloping

Have you ever tried running side ways on a treadmill, try it for 8 minutes in a row and see if you can walk the next day.

It’s a great way to hit your adductor and abductor muscles, and you’ll hit them hard.

Focus on Your Spiritual Mantra

Yes you can meditate while moving, in fact the Buddhist monks are big believers in activities like walking meditation. Why not spruce up your treadmill run with a bit of mantra running, what an experience.

Don’t let anything else enter your head, say it over and over again while on the treadmill and if you get a thought place your attention and intention back on your breath.

Examples include:

  • I am powerful and strong.
  • The earth gives back what I put in.
  • Peace to all souls etc.

If you’re a company looking on my site to set up a commercial gym and you need equipment or possibly for a hotel gym or possibly you need gym equipment for your residential building then you can use this article to post on your noticeboard and on social media to help the people using your treadmills have a varied and therefore, better workout.

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