What Commercial Indoor Cycle Bikes_Ergometers You Should Choose For Your Gym or Home Gym

What Commercial Indoor Cycle Bikes_Ergometers You Should Choose For Your Gym or Home Gym

Spin bikes have become a staple in many fitness centers and gyms nowadays. They are known by other names such as commercial spinning bikes and commercial indoor cycling bikes. These indoor cycling bikes are a bit different from the usual stationary bikes that everyone is used to seeing. When you hop on one, your body will be leaning forward which is pretty much the same position you will have when you are riding on a road bike.

However, there is more to these commercial indoor cycling bikes than just body positioning. They are actually designed to mimic the feel of riding an actual road bike. For instance, these bikes are outfitted with heavy flywheels. That makes the feel on the pedal very realistic as if you are biking outdoors.

With such similarities to the outdoor riding experience, it is no wonder why these bikes are popular among all cycling enthusiasts. They may be a bit expensive compared to other exercise bikes but people keep buying them. The extra expense is really worth the quality of the riding experience you will get.

Here we will review some of the best indoor cycling bikes in the market today:

  • Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

The M3 does not have a lot of those fancy features that you will find in a lot of features compared to the other indoor cycling units. However, you will get a lot of real life feel when riding this bike. This bike was designed to be simple, absolutely stable, and highly durable. It features a smooth eddy current resistance. It also has other high tech features like computerized monitoring of your heart rate, pedal rotations per minute, and digital controls.

  • SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

If you are looking for something more affordable and heavy duty then this may be a good option. It offers magnetic resistance and a chain drive mechanism, which makes it feel so much like a real bike on the road.

However, do note that it does not have any computerized features. If you want to check your stats as you puff along then you need to purchase some third party hardware. Another downside is that the warranty on this product is not that generous.

  • Horizon Fitness M4 Indoor Cycle

The Horizon Fitness M4 is probably the cheapest option in our list here. It is even cheaper than the Keiser M3. But do not fret; in terms of quality, it is as good as the other bikes on this list. Another upside is that this commercial indoor cycling bike comes with a 10 year warranty on the frame. The rest of the parts have a 1 year warranty plus labor. Downsides include the lack of heart rate monitoring and its cadence is not as smooth since it does not come with magnetic resistance.

  • Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle

This is the most expensive indoor cycle in our list. It is a full feature bike complete with a preprogrammed computer controlled resistance system. If advanced features are on top of your list then this one may be a good option.

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