What is Hammer Strength Commercial Gym Equipment and Why Does It Rock

What is Hammer Strength Commercial Gym Equipment and Why Does It Rock

Life Fitness Hammer Strength Equipment

Hammer Strength is a name that is pretty common among bodybuilders and in house folks at gyms. That is a brand that has been literally building athletes, well not just athletes but champions, for more than 25 years. If you are looking for rugged commercial weights machines then this has got to be at the top of your list..

Racks and Commercial Weight Machines

If there is one thing that will impress any athlete about their products it will be the racks. They include elite racks, athletic racks and rigs, benches, and storage systems. They have even pioneered certain bodybuilding technologies such as the Motion Technology Selectorized, which features weight stacks that are customizable according to the needs of the athlete.

Their HD Elite rack series allows for custom configuration. Some may say that they make the possibilities of your strength performance training somewhat limitless, but that of course is but an exaggeration. What they really do is to make your training regimen more flexible. They also offer other benefits, such as:

  • Modularity: you can add additional training modules; there is a wide variety of training attachments to choose from.
  • Small group training: you can build and design your home gym with these pieces of equipment at the core
  • Durable: these racks are structurally rigid and they have been manufactured with extreme durability in mind


Their commercial weight machines have been designed with the help of the science of human biomechanics. To make your weight training more effective, each machine in their product line takes advantage of the body is independent natural motion paths. Every flex and curl you make with these bad boys will feel as natural as it can be with the necessary resistance of course.

Here are some of their best racks and commercial weight machines:

  • HD Elite Half Rack
  • HD Elite Multi Rack
  • HD Elite Power Rack
  • HD Athletic Half Rack
  • HD Athletic Power Rack
  • HD Athletic Half/Half Combo Rack
  • Select Chest Press
  • Select Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid
  • Select Pectoral Fly
  • MTS Iso-Lateral Chest Press
  • MTS Iso-Lateral Bicep Curls
  • MTS Iso-Lateral Decline Press


Life Fitness Hammer Strength Benches.

You can call benches as staples in any gym commercial or otherwise. These weights machines allow you to create a full regimen using free weights. Some of these products include:

  • Olympic flat benches
  • Olympic incline benches
  • Olympic decline benches


Bench Features and Highlights

Olympic stations and benches offer a wide array of options for free weight training. The equipment is manufactured using 11 gauge steel. In short, they are tough, follows current standards, and they are ensured for structural integrity. These also allow you to optimize your space by providing you with storage spaces for plates, barbell racks, as well as dumbbell racks

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