What Makes the best Commercial Gym Bikes Stand Out from the Rest?

What Makes the best Commercial Gym Bikes Stand Out from the Rest?

It monitors heart rate using polar telemetry and LifePulse Digital Heart Rate Monitoring with Digital Signal Processing. The resistance controls are strategically placed in the handlebars. The seat is an ergo swept-back design and can easily be adjusted even when sitting down.

Customers can also choose between three different consoles namely the Discover SI console, Discover SE3 console and Explore Console. The standard warranty for this commercial gym bike is three years and one year for labor warranty. The warranty can also be extended for five years. It also has two removable cup holders and smartphone accessory tray.

The RBK 885 recumbent bike from Precor is a notable one. It was designed to cater to everyone. It also has notable patented features like the air flex seat which has a unique suspension system and ventilated panel. The seat can also be adjusted using one hand even while sitting on it. It has an 880 line touchscreen console. This console is much like a high-end smart phone.

It has a seven-year warranty for the structural frame, its drive motor has a five year warranty, and the mechanical and electrical parts have a warranty of two years.

The Excite Bike from Technogym is a three in one bike. Aside from being a standard gym bike, it can become a city bike and a stimulating race position bike. Users will be able to experience a road cycling feeling while using this bike. The resistance levels can also be changed using the fast track controls. These controls are located in the handlebar so there is no longer a need to remove the hands from the handlebars to control the resistance level.

It is also equipped with a TV digital touchscreen console called UNITY 3.0. In this console, users can choose from the 18 programmed interval training workouts. They can freely decide to choose from goals, training zone, weight loss, burn out, cross training, CPR and profile programs.

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