What to Look For in Commercial Cross-Trainers, Some of the Top Brands Compared

What to Look For in Commercial Cross-Trainers, Some of the Top Brands Compared

Elliptical and cross trainers are the most used pieces of equipment in the gym. Most gym-goers often start or end their workouts with a cardio routine. Therefore, it is preferable that commercial establishments like gyms, wellness centers, spas and hotels go for commercial cross-trainers and commercial ellipticals. The following are some of the best commercial cross-trainers available in the market.

LifeFitness DX Elliptical is an ergonomic cross-trainer designed to appeal to those who want a sleeker, chic cross-trainer with expansive workout options.

It can monitor heart rate and telemetry. It also has a reading rack, water bottle holder, removable anti-theft locking feature, and transport wheels. It is available in two colors namely arctic silver and titanium storm.

Synchro Excite from Technogym is very stylish, durable and innovative. It is equipped with the smooth motion bell transmission system which allows fluid and quiet movement of the machine. The contact of the feet to the pedals remains the same to lessen the strain on the joints. The handlebars are also ergonomically designed. They can be held at the top for better push and pull movements. The handlebars have hand sensors that detect and monitor the heart rate.

The machine is also equipped with a HD television touchscreen console called UNITY 3.0. This console operates in 23 languages and has 17 built-in workouts. The Synchro Excite cross-trainer has a two-year warranty.

EFX 885 is a converging cross ramp from Elliptical Cross Trainer from Precor. It has four main features, the moving handle bars, converging stride path, rear-drive housing and Active Status Light. It is very easy to maintain. Cleaning is no problem because the ramp can be cleaned without the need to remove it.

Its converging stride path is the one that makes this elliptical stand out among the rest. This gym cross trainer allows the user is footpath to converge naturally just like when running and walking. The CrossRamp technology allows the ramp to incline at least 10 degrees up to 35 degrees. This targets the various muscle groups in the body.

It also comes with a console that has an electronic readout of the resistance and ramp levels. It also displays the total distance, total calories burned, distance remaining, time elapsed, time remaining and many more. The console has a numerical keypad, motion controls, tactile dome keys and quickstart feature. This elliptical from Precor has a seven-year warranty for its structural frame while five years warranty for the drive motor.

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