iFit– The Ultimate App To Motivate You to Workout

iFit– The Ultimate App To Motivate You to Workout

Have heard of it. Is it just another fitness app?Why are people crazy about it?

If you are wondering about all these questions and more.You came to the right place.

Let see what the hoopla surrounding iFit is all about-

iFitis an extremely unique virtual fitness platform that involves live and on demand workout training videos with world-class personal trainers.

ProForm, NordicTrack, FreeMotion, and Reebok, these four brands offersiFit built in to its exercise equipment yet you can buy it separately and connect via any tablet or smart TV.

iFit offers workout programs with treadmills, elliptical trainers, and exercise bikes. Many models from the above mentioned brands offers the feature of iFit. You can use your phone, tablet or stream it on TV to enhance your iFit experience if you don’t have the ifit built app.

IFit is an immersive experience where you get a huge variety of workout options such as studio classes, global workout and Google map trails.

The google maps trails lets you plot a route on google maps then you are magically brought into that place on earth and you get to run or cycle through that actual route like you were there in person, imagine running through the streets of Paris.

You get to explore the exotic places like Bali, Egypt, Cairo or Europe while burning the calories from your comfort of your home.  When you are exploring these exotic places.

iFit trainer gives much more than fitness coaching videos, it provides fitness coaching guidance, historical tours and more. If you have iFit built into or connected to your cardio machine then your trainer can automatically adjust the machine's resistance, incline or decline and speed.

If you would like to start simple then the app also provides workout programs in a traditional format that links to an easy to use health tracker.

iFit can help you track and enhance your overall health and wellness. It uses your sleep, die and exercise data to make fitness suggestions.


Let's review some key features-

  • Unlimited library of workout programs
  • New live schedule of daily workout
  • Live leader-board feature
  • You can track your fitness data
  • You can log on your fitness data such as calorie intake, weight, sleep and more
  • Health and fitness guidance
  • iFit Community
  • iFt apps works with fitness machines, Bluetooth mobile devices, desktop computers, and TVs.


How to get started with iFit?

To get started, start by downloading the iFit app on your device. If you are new to the iFit app, create your account by following the steps. And if you have already existing account, you may log in with Facebook or email address.

For new members, you’ll need to fill your basic information like fitness membership type, fitness goals and fitness measurements. And for exiting members, you may review your information and be on your way. Although, you may update your information any time you like.

If you have an iFit-enabled equipment, you may connect the app to your equipment via Bluetooth. Once, you have connected to your device, then the trainer can alter the machine’s setting to follow along with the instruction given in your workout class.

If you don’t have the iFit enabled treadmills, ellipticals, or stationary bikes, don't worry, you can still use the iFit workouts. You can manually change the settings of the equipment to go along with your trainer.

Don’t have a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or Fusion, you can still reap the benefit iFit

iFit Trainers gives a number of other options in workout- like dumbbells, kettlebells, Pilates rings, resistance bands, yoga mats and blocks and much more.

iFit is a fantastic option that keeps you motivated and help you stick with your fitness plan. Anything that help you achieve the fitness goals is worth the investment.


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