A Guide on How to Buy a Billiard/Pool Table in the UAE

A Guide on How to Buy a Billiard/Pool Table in the UAE

Pool tables are without a doubt expensive, and they belong right there at the level of grand pianos, vintage clocks, old wine, and classic cars. If you are an avid billiard fan and plan on buying a pool table for your space, following a few guidelines can help you make the right decision. 

Whether you are buying a high-grade table, a medium, or a cheap one per your budget, following this brief guide can go a long way.


Consideration of pool table size and room dimensions 

The size of the pool table is one of the most important considerations. The 8-foot table is one of the most common sizes and holds recognition from the World Pool-Billiard Association. You need a space of at least 17 ft. by 13′ 4,” and there are multiple colors and designs from whom you can choose. 

The exact measurements of the space where you intend to place the table also need to be considered. A smaller table in comparison to space may lead to scratching of the cue stick. You may also want to take a look at immovable items that will hinder the pool table game. With these things in mind, you are better suited to make a suitable decision. 


Marble or Hardwood Base?

This is a very important consideration, if you ever plan on moving your billiard table or if its for any kind of commercial place like a coffee shop or shisha place or a staff accommodation for example then a marble base is a must.

Or you just love quality items, if you don’t tick any of these boxes then a hardwood base will be totally adequate.


The material of the table

Slate goes best with pool tables since it can break into larger, even parts and be polished for a perfectly flat surface. It also paves the way for a flat and even playing field. Considering the robustness and durability, you can expect a slate pool table to last for a lifetime, provided you get it from the right place. 


Pool Table Styles

Pool table styles can be of three different types:



Classic tables are simple, carry an elegant design and a hardwood base. 


Contemporary tables offer a newer variation to an older style, with stained hardwood and painted black textures. 



Modern tables carry multiple pocket patterns, fluorescent lights and a host of different colors, and even LED tops in some cases. These tables are high-end and can cost a pretty penny easily.


Best Available Pool Tables In the UAE

Here is a roundup of the best pool tables of different price ranges you can find in the UAE:



The TA Sports’ Green pool table is best for beginners and those anticipating rough usage or budget constraints. It boasts 72” L x 39” W x 31” H and has a wooden frame. Priced at AED1,027.50, you can get it here. 


High End

If you have finally saved up to get the dream pool table and add style to the inner space of your home, this is it. The Bradford Handicraft Pool Table is made from high-grade mahogany. It is priced at AED 15,000 and is inclusive of taxes. You can get it here and avail yourself of the option of express delivery if you can’t wait to see it in your home. 



If you are looking to upgrade to a better option within a budget but want the best, nevertheless, you may want to check out the 8 Feet Billiard Pool Table. It offers molded support, stability, and a smooth playing surface. With a current discount of 20%, the table is available here at AED 3,444, with the option of express delivery.  


Where to get it?

You should go for an authenticated dealer with a wide range of table styles, price tags, and brands when purchasing a pool table. An ideal dealer should take the time to check out your play area, the columns, or any other non-movable heavy items that may become a problem in the play area.


Where to See The Billiard Tables in Person ?

Give us a call, we have one of the largest selections of billiard tables available in the whole of the UAE, from coin operated to marble base to high end or cheaper units we have it all on display.

Come and have a game with us!