UAE Treadmill Buying Guide

UAE Treadmill Buying Guide

Training regularly can be a challenge, there are a number of obstacles—such as hot weather (I’m talking to you Jumeirah Jim, as heat is a special issue in the UAE), busy schedules, little free-time, and the coronavirus pandemic—have kept an exercise enthusiast from venturing outside for their everyday workouts.

That’s when the importance of the latest treadmills, equipped with exciting features and interactive elements come into play.

Granted that workouts inside your own basement or garage may not be as appealing as going out to a gym, but you can’t deny the convenience and safety of jumping on a good machine in your own home,particularly during times of Covid-induced lockdowns and business closures.

Among a range of workout equipment that exist today, treadmills stand out as the most practical, affordable, and user-friendly. And to one’s surprise, their sales have not come down even during the current crisis; if anything, these machines have risen in both popularity and use.  But choosing a right treadmill that is ideal on your budget and fits your needs well is not easy; it needs a great deal of research, both online and offline.

Here are some key guidelines that will help you get hold of the right treadmill.

Consider Your Fitness Objectives

To get the perfect treadmill, you must think about your fitness goals. Whether it’s enhanced physical performance, overall health and fitness, or therapy, knowing how you will use your treadmill can help you recognize which model to buy.

Next, take your budget into account. Investing in a costlier treadmill gets you stronger construction, anextended parts warranty, a bigger running surface, higher top speeds, and sharperslopes. But if your objectives don’t require the latest and greatest, you’re likely to be just as pleased with a less expensive model.


Try Before Buying

It’s ideal to try out a treadmill in person before you intend to buy it. To this end, you should ensure that the cushioning and shock absorption of the treadmill feels comfortable. And above all, you must be sure that the display monitor is easy to read and that the controls are easy to reach and operate.



Besides, there are six key factors that you should keep in mind.

  • When it comes to good-quality treadmills, size counts a lot. A treadmill looks much smaller in the store than it does in your home, so it’s important to measure your space before purchasing. A folding machine may appear to be a good option, but it will still need space when un-folded.
  • If you’re a fitness buff, you will need a deck length that accommodates your tread. Consider your comfort level on the treadmill while walking or running. Choose a model that appeals to you ergonomically and visually.
  • Most machines have top speeds between 10 and 12 miles per hour, with some going faster. They generally incline between a 10 and 15% gradient, but some offer an increased gradient, these can rise to 40%! Also some treadmills offer a decline function as well, this is useful if you want to vary your incline as you run which can reduce the risk of injury and will do something called increase your turnover speed, which is a useful factor for runners preparing for upcoming races.
  • Associated features. Be sure the treadmill has standard features such as ports for smartphones, USB ports, and wireless internet connectivity.
  • The manufacturer's warranty will often give you importanthints as to the quality of the machine. Try to find a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, or a minimum of 10 years. Electronic items should have a 5-year warranty, while parts and labor should have a 2-year warranty.
  • Most treadmills are heavy, so getting one into your home becomes a problem. So make sure the treadmill you buy also has a free delivery offer, or at least a cost you can afford.

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