Gym Flooring

Why Gym Flooring is Important?
Updated 7th February 2022

A good gym has the best equipments and ambience for its users. One of the most important requirements along with the gym machines is the flooring. This aspect is mostly overlooked when we design a gym in the UAE.

High intensity workouts including jumping and lunging are done all the time in great gyms and the flooring has to be durable, grippy and look great too.

Good flooring helps to reduce the chances of injuries to the users and it absorbs the impact of heavy weights being dropped on it which as you know is a common occurrences!

The sweat from the people enjoying the gym can invite bacteria and good flooring helps in maintaining hygiene in the gym.

Then of course the right flooring helps add the finishing touches to a great gym and add to the style, the look and the feel of the gym.


The most popular flooring options in the UAE

The UAE has a wide section of flooring with individual oweners outfitting their gyms with the flooring that suits their tastes.

The larger gym floors tend to go for roll flooring and the smaller gyms tend to choose the 1X1 meter gym mats which look very professional one laid.

With the every increasing popularity of cross fit and functional training, turf flooring is also being used more.


Types of Gym Flooring

Rubber Flooring

Therubber gym flooring is durable and versatile. They come in different thickness level sand help in keeping traction even if the floor is wet. They resist odor and help in reducing the impact when doing weight exercises.


The cushion and the ability to absorb shocks prevent injury and damage to equipment. They are most commonly used in Dubai and Middle East.

The thickness of the rubber roll is one of the most important choices which the user has to make. The commercial gyms generally choose 3/8”. Or around 15 mm.

If the machines being used are very heavy then the choice of thickness is 1/2” or around 30 mm.

The rubber flooring is durable and easy to clean. They absorb the impact and help the gym user to prevent injuries.

Rubber flooring can be left outside, itsgrippy when it has a light layer of surface water on it, the sun and weather may make it discolor slightly but it will still look great and is probably one of the best choices for outside.


Recommended Thickness

The durability, affordability and the insulative properties makes rubber a good choice for the gyms. The rubber is also much warmer than other surfaces to stand on. Other good property which makes it stand out is that it deadens the sound.

The rubber flooring comes in different thickness and it is important to choose the right one for your gym.

a) ¼ inch (6.35 mm)

This thickness is best for gym with treadmills and elliptical machines are being used. The mats protect the machines and the floor from scratches. If the weights being used are light it is suitable for them.

b) 3/8 inch (9.52 mm)

It is one of the standard thicknesses used in commercial facilities. The performance is top notch and it gives all the benefits which a rubber mat is to provide. There is now a norm of shifting towards 8mm thickness. 8 mm is lighter and costs a bit less and provides all the benefits of 9.52 mm thickness.

c) ½ inch (12.7 mm)

This thickness size is most suitable if the weights being used are more than 100 lbs.


Weight platforms

Weight lifting platforms are excellent choice if the gym has clients which love doing Olympic lifts like deadlifts and power cleans. It helps in protecting the floor and reducing the noise heard on the floor below. Did you know the impact of a 60kg bar and weights can be as much as 240kg when released from someone dropping the weight from head height. This is a serious amount of impact and something you will need to guard against with a weightlifting platform.

The platform makes the weight lifting safer, cooler and a lot sexier! The platform can be fitted with rubber tiles to add an aesthetic touch.


Synthetic turf

Synthetic turfs are ideal for cross fit gyms. If the machines have to be moved this is an ideal surface. The surface offers low resistance and durability. For example if you are planning on having sleds in your gym which a lot of functional gyms and most definitely cross fit gyms you have to have some turf gym flooring.

The turfs are easy to install and are best suited for indoor and outdoor areas. The cost is bit on a higher side so it is not ideal for the home gyms. The synthetic gyms are available in vibrant colors.


Jigsaw/Interlocking floor mats

These are a cost effective solution for gyms in the UAE and Middle East.

They are very effective for weight impact reduction. And following the increasing trends of higher participation in martial arts and UFC training, the jigsaw mats have started to become a popular choice in the UAE.

The thickness is determined by the activities that would be done on the mats.


FAQs --- Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Gym Flooring

1. What is the best ground surface choice for Commercial gym?

Rubber gym flooring is by a long distance the best gym flooring mat available in the market.


2. What is the prescribed thickness for commercial gym?

The popular thickness is 9.52 mm for most of the commercial gyms. There are some who use 12.7 mm for the areas where heavy weight exercises are done.


3. Which floor is recommended in a weight room?

Rubber flooring is the best for heavy weight equipments. It is thick and tough to bear the additional load without scratches and being damaged. They are best for extreme exercises.


4. How do I choose from where to buy the gym flooring?

  • Search for the best service providers in the city and see the work they have done.
  • Ask for the photographs of their finished works and look at what appeals to you.
  • Ask the provider to give surface examples to perceive how they would look in your gym.
  •  It is better to ask the provider for a contract where he mentions all the necessities and techniques that have to be used to upkeep the flooring.


5. Are interlocking rubber floor mats going to look professional?

Yes, they do, you don’t really notice the interlocking sections once they are laid, especially if the floor below is level which is an important preparatory step.

It will be smooth and you wont be able to notice the join in terms of feel when walking on it or even if you felt it with your hand.

Sometimes you might need to stick this gym flooring to the floor with light glue, that’s if you want extra assurance it won’t move, don’t worry, you will use a glue that wont damage the flooring below it, even if it’s a wooden floor.