Treadmill Buying Guide

The Ultimate and Only UAE Treadmill Buying Guide


You’re buying a treadmill and you are spending good money to get one, you are hopeful about the results you’ll be able to achieve on it and you want to make the very best choice.

We know exactly how you feel and we are here to help, this is the most exhaustive treadmill buying guide for the UAE, Dubai, Abu dhabi, in fact, it’s the best guide you find anywhere in the whole of the Middle East. 

We at Gym Fit Out Dubai appreciate the fact that with a plethora of treadmills available out there, your search for finding the right machine can be challenging.

Yes we have made your task easy: now you don’t have to go out and spend the entire day sorting through the range of treadmills that are available for your home or gym.

Having done extensive research over 25 years in the industry, our resident fitness trainer expert Tim Garrett (if you Google his name you will see some of the awards he’s won and conferences he’s spoken at) has personally moderated this extensive buying guide so you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you’ve bought an incredible treadmill for your budget and preferences. 

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Key Things to Consider When Buying a Treadmill

When it comes to choosing from a range of treadmills, you need to keep in mind several aspects. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you are a retired individual, your treadmill would be quite different from that of a professional in their late thirties or early forties. This review is divided into two sections in a bid to help you understand this guide more easily.

The first section “Key Things to Consider When Buying a Treadmill” has been developed to help you sift through the number of treadmills on the market and to shortlist the ones you find appropriate.

In our second section “Analyzing Treadmills and Examining Their Specifications”, we will decipher the impact the different specifications of a treadmill for the users. 


Section 1. Key Points to Consider

Set a Price Range

For anything you intend to buy, you must set a specific budget—and a treadmill is no exception.

Clearly, you wouldn’t put your hand on a particular machine if you think it’s beyond your affordability. So it’s important that you take into account your price range prior to your search for the right treadmill.

We rate treadmills in light various budget levels;

Under AED500 – At the moment, we cannot recommend any treadmills which are under AED 500 price tag. Do you know why? Well, treadmills for such a low price are typically made of substandard material that will not last more than a year.

Between AED500 and AED700 – If you’re on a shoestring budget and cannot afford expensive treadmills, then this is the lowest price range for you. These machines boast a maximum speed of 10MPH with an incline range of 0% to 10%. Warranties are also not quite extensive within this price range. If you wish to use a treadmill for this price for a number of years, then keep it for walking only.

I’d advise if you only have 500 to 700 to spend going for a second hand, used option, if you crawl Dubizzle you can usually find a good one, look for treadmills like Sole Fitness, ProForm and NordicTrack. Expect to pay less than 50% of the price when new and make sure its less than 5 years old.

Under AED1,000 – Finding a range of quality treadmills for just under AED1,000 is not a big deal. The cushioning quality of these treadmills is really high, and many of them are equipped with patented cushioning technology. These treadmills can easily get to the maximum speed of 12 MPH; however, some still only reach an incline of 10%. Best for walkers and joggers, these treadmills may not last a lifetime if you run regularly.

In fact, they usually only have a 1.5 to2.0 horsepower motor so running for more than 30 minutes at a time is not advisable as it will place too much stress on the motor. If you can run longer than 30 minutes then have pause the treadmill and do some running on the spot or body weight cardio exercise off the treadmill, give it a rest for 5 to 8 minutes then go for your 2nd run.

Under AED1,500 – Within this price range, it’s easy to find treadmills to suit your active lifestyles. Since a majority of our users are young, active people, treadmills under AED1,500 are indeed a great fit. Walkers have finally found a machine that can truly please them thanks to its many features.

A good choice for the walker and occasional runner is this one by Welso.

Under AED2,000 – Looking for a treadmill with additional features to suit your specific workout needs? Well, a treadmill within this price range will do the trick! Equipped with features like touch screens, 35+ workout programs, and incline ranges of 15%, the treadmill within AED2,000 is indeed the perfect choice for you. Highly durable and built with heavier frames, these treadmills can last for a number of years. For walkers, joggers, and runners, it’s a dream come true, and is highly recommended.

A good option in this price range is the Proform 105 CST.

Under AED2,500 – A majority of the treadmills that fall within this price range are built for heavy usage, and not for commercial purposes. They largely suit a small office gym or a hotel gym. However, this price range offers a hike in quality and features of the treadmill with both young and old enjoying it in equal measure.  Specialty treadmills such as NordicTrack incline trainers are also on hand within AED2,500. If you think you simply cannot afford your ideal treadmill, several leading treadmill manufacturers also offer financing options. Top brands like NordicTrack and SOLE offer 18 months without interest, so considering financing of your ideal treadmill you can’t afford is not a bad bet!

A brilliant choice here with a powerful motor and some cool tech is the ProForm 205 CST.

Under AED 5000 – When you start to look in this price range things get very interesting, you typically get access to an app that can track your runs, you get Bluetooth and speakers and a motor that ranges from 3 to 4.5 HP.

Quick tip try when you can to get a CHP: (Continuous Horse Power) motor on your treadmill which has that power continuously, if you don’t see this, its likely the horsepower mentioned will only be achieved by an electronic boost system that works for short periods at a time!

In this price range, yet now always, you will get a 22 x 60 inch/ 55 to 152 cm running pad, that’s the part that you will actually be able to run on, why does this matter, well, it gives you more room, makes you more confident on the treadmill and feels less cramped, if you’re tall, say over 6ft 3 then this is a must.

An award winning treadmill in this price range is the Sole Fitness F63, it is usually in stock, something that can be an issue in the UAE and really is a superb treadmill. Here are the details:


Find out How Much Space You Have

Once you have ascertained what you plan on budgeting for your new treadmill, you should consider your size limitations. Many of the best treadmills are also quite heavy, they can get up to 210 kg for an expensive or fully commercial one, the weight can help them be more stable when you are running on it. Nevertheless, space is a key consideration you want to get right the first time.

When you have less space, centimeters of difference between treadmills sizes can make a huge difference.

Despite having an area in your home for a home gym, you will still want to ensure your treadmill fits well into the area you have reserved for it. If you have certain space for a bigger treadmill, you may be interested in some of the non-folding treadmills out there. These are typically specialty treadmills with strong frames with high incline ranges that don’t take into account folding.

A useful novelty for folding treadmills is the hydraulic system a number of treadmill makers have added to their treadmills. The hydraulic lets the deck be elevated more easily and also depressed without you requiring to keep a strong grip on it. It’s a huge respite for those who coped with older treadmills without the hydraulic system! If you want to learn more about it, review our recommended best folding treadmills. It’s important that you take a measuring tape to the area you have reserved for your new treadmill and you’ve checked the width, length, and height of the space. Do you have enough space to get off the back of the treadmill once you’ve finished your workout, etc, those are the kinds of factors you are going to have to determine.


The Key Considerations When Choosing a Treadmill to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams on

Thinking about your budget and space requirements allows you to quickly shortlist a much smaller list of possible treadmills, it helps you cut through the noise.

Now it’s the time to take into account your needs vs the treadmill’s specifications.

Not all treadmills are built the same. For example, a cost-effective treadmill will never hold up under the demands of a regular runner and will probablybreakdown under the strain.

On the opposite side; someone who is just looking to put in steady, mild walking doesn’t essentially need a high-end treadmill.

Some of the common combinations seen include:

  • Senior, low activity level– For several of these users, we typically recommend more affordable treadmill options. These users will possibly not go over 6 MPH; while incline can pose challenge to their exercises, it also can represent a hazard if they are not stable on their feet. So, a treadmill worth between AED600 to AED1,000 will be OK for these users.
  • Senior user high activity level – If the more refined gentlemen or lady can maintain a high level of activity, this is ideally the best time of their lives. To help such people support their sustained fitness, a treadmill ranging AED1,000 to AED1,500 is highly recommended.
  • Formerly active, post-injury– In the wake of an injury, it’s difficult for one to begin working out again, especially if one has previously been quite active. Clearly, your physical disability may have caused a few limitations on your workout activity.

So, it’s very important to find the right treadmill that could meet your special needs post injury. After a lot of trial and error, we have found that treadmills priced at AED1,500 and above, with superior cushioning, with do the trick for those who have sustained some injury.

  • Active runner– We categorize a complementary runner as somebody who uses running to improve their key sport. An example is someone who chooses weightlifting but knows they need to add treadmill to their exercises. For such a runner, we would recommend treadmills within the range of AED 3500 to AED 25,000.
  • Mandatory training – In winter, it becomes almost impossible to run outside. Other weather conditions can also blight runners who need to train, such as the high temperaturesoften experienced in the UAE and Middle East as well as the flash rain we sometimes have.

If you fall in the category of active, high-volume runner who puts in more than 50 miles a week, then treadmills in the range of AED 5,000 to AED 20,000 are highly recommended.

Your height and weight also determine what kind of treadmill is perfect for you.

  • Height– Based on our treadmill testers, we have developed a fair estimate of how treadmills work for a range of heights. Typically, you will not need special considerations if you are under six feet tall. However, if you are taller than six feet, you will want to ensure that your treadmill belt length is at least 60” / 152 cm long. Shorter than that and you will only end up walking and not be able to do any other workout because the space to run on is limited for someone with a long stride like yourself.
  • Weight– Normally, treadmill producers like NordicTrack and ProForm, when you start paying above 4000 AED build treadmills with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds/ 140 kg. 


Cool Tech and Other Treadmill Extras That Are Worth Looking Into…

Given the types and ranges of treadmills available out there, it may be quite tricky for you to choose from the best of the lot. To effectively get yourself out of that sticky situation, you should consider taking in account the supplementary features of a treadmill.

  • Wireless heart rate screening– A number of treadmills out there these days have manual heart rate monitoring using handlebar grips; nonetheless,they are aninfamouslyimprecise way to screen your heart rate.

To fight this, top treadmill manufacturers have included wireless heart rate screening capabilities in their machines by designing a wireless, adaptable chest belt with which you can screen your heart rate. This is a great way to keep track of your heart rate which is one of the best ways to ensure you are achieving your specific health and fitness goals.

  • High incline range– Quality treadmills generally have an incline range between 0% to 15%. Some have decline features, if you want a decline function they usually start on treadmills that are over AED 6000.

But if you want to burn your calories quickly, a higher incline range can be a great advantage. Currently, NordicTrack is the company that produces the treadmills with the highest incline range, they can go up to 40 degrees, also a few other brands such as Free Motion have these 40 degree incline ranges too.

  • Entertainment options– It’s sometimes boring running, come on, even you die hard runners get a little bored now and again?

To help reduce the feelings of boredom the top brands have designed panaceas, many treadmills offer entertainment options. While cheap treadmills have a limited number of options — such as some speakers and an audio jack — high-end manufacturers like ProForm offer exciting features like a 22” touchscreen console to work out with a virtual personal trainer.

Some of these are incredible, you will run or walk through some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth, you’ll have a personable, motivating personal trainer by your side who can (don’t worry you can stop them) control your speed and incline as you go up and down hills or mountains while you are on your run, how very cool is that?

  • Bluetooth– This is an ideal benefit for those who want to track their exercise so they can synchronize it with other fitness apps like MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and more. In addition, the leading treadmill builders have their own apps which can sync with your treadmill to give you an exciting experience.
  • ‘Passport TM’ – Some treadmills are enabled with Passport, a state-of-the-art workout technology. Bought separately from your treadmill, the Passport player lets you take simulated runs through exotic places like Fiji’s beaches, the Miami coastline, and more.
  • iFit– Manufactured by ICON, iFit syncs with numerous treadmill brands. From the popular treadmill maker Free motion to prestigious home gym equipment brands like ProForm and NordicTrack, this app can help provide a much needed boost to your treadmill workouts. iFit is a paid app if you don’t buy a NordicTrack or ProForm treadmill that has a touchscreen. iFit offers dietary training, access to computer-generated courses around the globe due to a collaboration with Google Maps, workout videos, and limitless tailored workouts which are based on your objectives. Its super cool, it can be guided runs or walks and off treadmill workouts like yoga or a free weights based resistance circuit.


The Warranty, What To Keep Your Eyes Peeled For…

Let’s be realistic here, machines sometimes break down, wear and team after years of use is simply natural. So, finding a treadmill will good warranties makes a lot of sense.

A good warranty entails that you look for such aspects as lifetime frame and motor warranty; 5-year parts and electronics warranty; and 2-year labor warranty.

In the UAE market its very typical to only get a 1 year warranty on the belt electronics and screen and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Although according to our resident fitness expert Tim Garrett this is likely to change in the near future.

One year is the typical length you should expect in treadmills costing betweenAED1,300 to AED2,000. Inexpensive treadmills certainly have somewhat cheaper parts and labor warranties but you ought to always have a lifetime frame warranty. When it comes to buying your treadmill, third-party warranties are not advisable.

People often get worried about this and our advice is pretty simple, don’t run for too long on treadmills that are less than AED 2000 and you should be ok.

Then if anything breaks down after the warranty period, a reputable local gym technician will also be able to help. They typically charge around AED 250 for the call out and parts are usually only about 200 to 500 AED. If its anything more expensive like a motor controller that needs repairing the parts are usually available in the local Deira market and it might cost you around AED 1000 plus any call out charges.

Probe More into the Treadmills You’ve Shortlisted

Once you’ve shortlisted your desired treadmills, you must do some investigation prior to deciding about buying one. For example, it’s natural to want to become familiar with the treadmill when you are investing in buying a new treadmill.

One consideration is should you go and see the treadmill, well yes if you can of course it makes sense, yet there are not too many great showrooms for treadmills in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and therefore we can guide you on what to look for without seeing them in person.

You’d be surprised how much you can do without actually running on it.


One of the positive side of in-store testing is that visual validation of the actual look and feel of the treadmill. Plus, you are also able to scroll through workout programs and see if you like them. And finally, you can freely ask store personnel any information you want regarding the quality of the treadmill.


Maybe you’ll waste your time and most probably you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who truly is very knowledgeable, after all, how can they know about everything from the boxing gloves to the bicycles in the store, they can’t!

Rely more on online treadmill reviews: Instead of relying on the inadequate selection of treadmills available in stores or the description of the treadmills on their websites, it’s better to read online treadmill reviews. The detailed written treadmill reviews would certainly help you decide which treadmill is the perfect fit for you. Treadmill is a great site we often use ourselves.


Merits of reading/watching reviews

Reviews allow you to get firsthand information from real user, while videos provide you a better idea of how the treadmills works and you’ll get a real sense of how it looks, does it look too flimsy to run on for a long time or does it not fit your style preferences? Treadmill review sites let you compare treadmills from several treadmill producers more easily.


A Treadmill buying Quiz

We also have a simple quiz that will take you 3 minutes to complete, after you’ve done clicking a few buttons you will be presented a list of the very best treadmills in the UAE market in for your height, running/walking preferences, weight and sense of style.

Go here to take the quiz:


The downside of reading/watching reviews

Advantages of reading or watching reviews far outweigh the disadvantages. The only major drawback is that you may need to read or watch many reviews if you find the element of bias in them or if you think that they are not satisfactory or comprehensive.



Buying Your Treadmill

The purchasing stage determines that you’ve found the perfect treadmill for you. But wait! You still have to make one major decision before you purchase your treadmill: whether to buy it from a brick-and-mortar store or online.

Buying in stores – As brick-and-mortar sites lose ground to online shopping, this will certainly impact your individual treadmill shopping experience. Also, since treadmill producers do not have physical shopfronts, you will be working with third-party retailers if you buy a treadmill in-person.

Advantages of buying in-store

  • Possibly find a good deal on your treadmill
  • May load up your treadmill right after you buy it


Disadvantages of buying in-store

  • The treadmill you fancied trying may be out of stock
  • Unknowledgeable sales staff
  • There isn’t one store anywhere in the whole of the Middle East that stocks more than 20 treadmills and there is nowhere, not even in Dubai that has more than 5 different brands


Buying your treadmill online – Do remember one thumb rule when purchasing your treadmill online: buy it right from the treadmill reseller. Reason: for a better customer experience that will help from the minute you place your order to the time where you may need to call for warranty-covered work.


Merits of buying online

One of the key benefits is that you can find better treadmill deals online. Also, convenient delivery and assembly options are available, while employees cannot use upselling to sway the customer. 


Negatives with the online buying experience

One of the disadvantages of online purchasing is that it might not be the treadmill you really want, you might get it home and realise it doesn’t look or function as you’d hope.


Analyzing Treadmills and Examining Their Specifications

On this platform, we would like to delve deeper into treadmills. For those of you willing to learn and examine more about their specifications, this section will clearly show you what all the numbers mean.


Treadmill Motors

When it comes to treadmill motors, it may appear like treadmill producers are just giving out numbers and contractions. The two you will see related to the treadmill’s power are HP and CHP.

  • Horsepower– A motor which is gauged through horsepower (HP) has only measured the peak strength of the motor. This displays no indication of how robust the motor stays over time. Not thought to be a dependable measurement of treadmill motor strength.   


  • Continious Duty horsepower– When the Continuous duty horsepower (CHP) of a treadmill motor is measured, the dimension is taken over a long period of time. It demonstrates that the motor can preserve the power it is evaluated for without lagging or decelerating under stress. Normally considered the most dependable way to measure treadmill motor strength.


Now that we have elucidated what the abbreviations mean, you perhaps want to know what the several numbers mean to you, the possible user of the treadmill.

  • 0 CHP– Only inexpensive treadmills have a motor in the 1.0 CHP range, so any treadmill with a motor of this size is least recommended. It can actually only accommodate walkers and possibly will not last long under any bigger strain than anunintended walker.


  • 0 CHP– This range of treadmill motors are perfect for walking and light jogging. Due to the small size, these motors are typically much quieter than large ones. You tend to find motors of this size range in cheap treadmills.


  • 0 CHP– If you run regularly on your treadmill, you ideally want a treadmill in the 3.0 CHP size range. Reason? They are strong enough to keep up with your exercise and not decelerate. This is a decent size for families who have several users of different fitness levels.


  • 0 CHP– Treadmills of this motor size are capable of keeping up with serious runners who make high physical strains on their equipment.


  • 0 CHP– Not commonly found in treadmills for homes unless you are buying yourself a super snazzy commercial treadmill because you want the best. Typically you’ll find treadmills with 5.0 CHP motors in commercial gyms and health clubs.


*It is worth noting that the CHP motor ratings refer to the motor power attained in a testing center. You will not get this same amount of power when using the treadmill in your home owing to the smaller watt restrictions of a residential home or flat. Irrespective of this information, nearly all treadmills have adequate power to run and work as expected.


Maximum Speed of Treadmill

The typical maximum speeds of most treadmills fall between 10-12 MPH/16-20 KPH. Some specialized treadmills can go speedier, but they are not readily available for the ordinary consumer. Nevertheless, most treadmill users do not use the top speeds of their treadmills. To help see treadmill speeds in perspective, the speeds into what they mean for the average user have been broken down.

  • 1-3.9 MPH – A majority of fitness buffs use this walking speed. Considered mild exercise, you can easily burn fat at this pace if you do brisk walking.  
  • 4-5.5 MPH– This is a light jogging speed for the average user, with the lower range being more of a brisk walk. All of this falls in the mild workout range and is a fat burning exercise.
  • 6-8 MPH– This speed range helps you reach aerobic exercise terrain. At these paces, your exercises will be considered vigorous workout, and a majority of treadmill users will not use speeds beyond this range.  
  • 5+ MPH– Most joggers cannot sustain speeds at 8.5 and above. Your body will be in anaerobic territory when running at these speeds, which is good for short periods of time.



Be Careful about Incline Range

Looking to enhance your workouts and challenge your body? You should have a treadmill with a good incline range. Whether you are a walker or a sprinter, you take advantage incline in your runs.

Another outstanding advantage is that you will burn calories quicker when working out on an incline. It’s highly advisable that you be beware of treadmills with a high incline range and a short track. If you choose to go on an incline over 10pc, you ought to have a treadmill belt length measuring at least 60cm.


Choosing the Perfect Deck Cushioning

One of the chief assets of picking a treadmill is the cushioning system created to reduce the stress on your joints, all treadmills have their own level of cushioning that will impact your experience.

It is hard to measure how comfortable or painful a treadmill deck is as it can vary from user to user. In that case, patented cushioning technology is the answer! Not only does it ensure superior cushioning, it also shows that more care has been taken when it comes to that feature. Top treadmill makers like NordicTrack or Life Fitness even lets you manually fine-tune the cushioning level of your treadmill so you can enjoy the experience.


Effect Of Treadmill Belt Area

Belt area can limit users, if not the right size. Inexpensive treadmills are highly vulnerable to fall prey to very short belts. The following are the typical treadmill belt lengths you should consider:

  • 20×55”(50 x 140 cm) – Good for walking and some light jogging, perhaps a tad short for runners or those over six feet tall.
  • 20×60”(50 x 152 cm) – This is the typical length for quality treadmills and is excellent for walkers, joggers, and runners.
  • 22×60” (55 x 152 cm) – Ideal length and width for runners and users who use high inclines.


Strength of Frame

The best treadmills have lifetime warranties on their frames, but you wouldn’t want to pick a machine with a frail or shaky frame. There are some ways you can detect the strength of your potential treadmill’s frame.

  • Crossbars help create more steadiness
  • Overall weight of treadmill can aid steadiness and durability
  • Width of treadmill base


Are Your Workout Programs Worth It?

Nothing can be better than a treadmill that offers a nice range of workout programs. However, the problem arises when you are unsure about the worth of these programs.

But here’s where treadmill reviews come into play: they can exactly tell you what programs might be of interest to you.  Moreover, be sure to review the treadmill manufacturer’s page for the specific treadmill you are interested in buying. The page will usually have some brief information on the exercise programs.


Treadmill Accessories

The accessories constitute fairly trivial features on a treadmill. While they add to the user’s ease and general treadmill experience, the accessories may be the least significant part of the treadmill’s structure.


  • Holders– Several treadmills have a range of in-built holders. From water bottle holders to device trays, the quality treadmills usually have more holders than is actually needed.


  • Sound System– A majority of better-quality treadmills are equipped with a sound system in the form of speakers and audio jack. Bluetooth is another exciting feature that allows you to sync your phone and play your music wirelessly.


  • USB port– A USB port is a feature you will find on most treadmills, though high-end machines like NordicTrack’s Treadmill Desk Platinum and the Sole F63 and Sole F80 do have this option.


Treadmill Safety Features

Safety is the most important aspect of a good treadmill. It’s therefore vital that you look for safety features before buying a treadmill.

Many users disregard the clip-on safety key which is typically magnetized to the console. Inexpensive treadmills may just use a key which must be plugged into the console. Keep in mind that you have it clipped on to you so in the event of a mishap while using your treadmill, it will be pulled off, stopping the machine immediately.


The Best Treadmills Discovered by Reviews

There you go! That’s the end of our complete treadmill buying guide!

We hope we have done our best to help you find the perfect treadmill that you’ll achieve all of your health and fitness goals on, oh…and that perfect body:)

If you are on the lookout for a great place to begin your treadmill search, here are a few recommendations:

  • Check out our review section for incredible reviews ranging from the best treadmills for different budgets to the best treadmills for runners.


Do get in touch if we can help you further and be sure to check out the treadmills we have on offer right now;


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