Biotek Spin Bike (3 Months Rental)

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Biotek Spin Bike – Spin Your Way To a Fabulous Body

The Biotek spin bike will provide you with an incredible workout, it has magnetic resistance which is silent, and a spin bike saves a load of space compared to a treadmill for example.

A spin workout is incredible for a number of reasons, you use the legs which are the largest muscle group in the body, when you work the largest muscles in the body your heart and cardiovascular system have to work and that equals calorie burning.

Then spin bikes are perfect for interval training, hill training and speed work, varying your training is the key to continually shocking your body (in a good way) which means you don’t plateau and your results do not plateau.

The bike has a maximum user weight of 180kgs, that means it is well built with thicker and safer materials and manufacturing methods, which also means it will be sturdier and nicer to use.

It has an LCD screen so you can see your time, distance, calories burned and if you connect it to a chest strap, also your heart rate.

So…what are you waiting for?...don’t wait, hire this spin bike today, the quicker you decide the quicker you can start achieving the perfect body you have pictured in your mind.


What’s included with our rentals?

  • Delivery
  • Pick up
  • Installation
  • Each machine goes through our rigorous 41-point safety and durability check prior to delivery
  • All servicing/damaged parts is taken care of


Why should you consider renting?

  • You want to save up to 1 hour travelling back and forth to the gym every session
  • You want to train in a clean and safe, bacteria free and virus free environment
  • Training at home is something you enjoy and the freedom that comes with it
  • You want to put the money you’d spend in the gym to exercising at home

Ready to make the smart choice? Click the buy button today, we can deliver the elliptical to you very shortly so you can get started on the path to a healthy and fit body.

Price = 599 aed/month, (3 months minimum)