Coming Soon. NEW 2023 X 22i NordicTrack Treadmill + 5% VAT

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Coming Soon.

What an amazing machine. 

The 2023 X22i NordicTrack treadmill is incredible. 


You'll be amazed what you can do on this treadmill, iwth the help of the 30-Days fee membership you can run through the Andes or along a tropical beach all along being coached by your on demand, motivating personal trainer. 

Or how about a yoga class guided by one of the worlds very best instructors through the screen of your treadmill?

Or what about:

A HIT class? 

A circuit class with weights?

Or a stretching session?

I know it sounds almost too good to be true, but the X22i is coming to Dubai soon and you can be one of the first to get one. 

You can message us and put a deposit down to be one of the first to get one in the whole of the Middle East. 

More about this treadmill:

  • NEW tilt and move HD touchscreen
  • Up to -5% decline
  • Up to +40% incline
  • Auto adjusting of the speed and incline with the iFit coach pushing you
  • Live and on demand, whenever you want, workouts that are super motivating

If you want to reserve one then get in touch and we will give you the details. 

If you need anything send us a whatsapp or give us a call. 

Kind Regards, 

Tim. CEO --- 052 699 3955