Crash Mats / Gymnastic Mats to RENT. Super Convenient, Super Easy + 5% VAT

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Why rent if you only need it for a short time? It doesn't make any sense to do that, where will you store it after, or how will you sell it after your event or sporting event?

Let us deal with all that and rent your crash mats from the biggest and best sports and leisure equipment rental company in the UAE. 

The benefits are many and working with us is a great experience, surely thats one of the most important elements of business - doing it with good people. 


Crash Mat Specs

Color: white and black
Made In UAE: Yes
  • Product Weight: 46LB Total (23LB each)
  • Length: 76cm
  • Width: 60cm
  • Thickness: 15cm
  • Material Type: Upholstery Ripstop Vinyl


 Price = 1199 / week.

 Price = 599/day.

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