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The top VIPS, companies and sports teams use us for their gym equipment rental. 

These are only some of the names:

  1. Arsenal Football Club
  2. Liverpool Football Club
  3. Will Smith the movie star
  4. 26 billionaires as of 04.03.2023
  5. Total the oil company
  6. Nike and the ADNOC Abu Dhabi marathon
  7. The Malaysian National Football Team
  8. The Chinese National Football Team
  9. Dana White, President of the UFC (another Billionaire)
  10. Connor McGregor
  11. Khabib Nurmagomedov, the UFC star
  12. And many more

That's not to mention the biggest and best as well as great smaller companies from all over the Middle East. 

We provide the LARGEST range of gym equipment anywhere in the Middle East

and we love to support people getting fitter, healthier and happier. 



Kind regards, 

Tim Garrett. 

CEO - Gym Fit Out Dubai

052 699 3955 

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