Half Power Rack, Olympic bar and Weight Plates and Adjustable Bench in Dubai

[TO RENT] Half power rack, Olympic bar and Weight Plates and Adjustable Bench (Price = 1 month rental) + 5% VAT

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WOW! What a home gym set up this is. 

If you can find the space, then this is an incredible choice for you. 


What does it Include:

  1. Fully commercial half power rack (with band hooks, J cups, spotter arms and pull up handles)
  2. 1 full set of Olympic weight plates (2.5, 5,10,15,20 and 25kg pairs)
  3. 1 Olympic bar, standard length and 20kg weight, along with 2 collars
  4. A multi angle adjustable bench: flat, decline, include


Why Rent?

  1. Pay in installments, interest free with Tabby or PostPay (its super easy and there's no catch)
  2. Save thousands of Dirham's
  3. Rent fully commercial, amazing gym equipment
  4. Have a lot less excuses, if equipment is in your home that you trip over every day, you will use it more often
  5. The summers in the UAE get very hot, have a gym in your house!
  6. Don't worry about repairs or maintenance 
  7. Everything is Included (deliveries to Abu Dhabi and Fujairah are charged extra)

Trust us...there's a reason we rent out 471 pieces of gym equipment each year, it's because its a brilliant choice. 

Add this item to your cart today. 

If you have any questions give me a call. 

Tim (Gym Fit Out CEO)

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