Impulse Fitness RU700 Upright Exercise Bike + 5% VAT

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Impulse Fitness only make commercial machines that are a very high standard of manufacturing and finishing and yet they are also very affordable, and by affordable I do not mean cheap and certainly not cheaply made. They are very durable.

Sure sure in terms of tech they are quite basic, yet they do not sacrifice build quality or durability so you know you are buying a machine that will last for years even when its used for hours 24/7, 365.

The RU700 is a brilliant commercial bike and the right choice for a budget gym owner or even for a premium home gym.

What do you get with the Impulse Fitness RU700 bike?

  • You get a powder coated undercoat for the paint, which prevents rust,
  • You get 13 in built programs to keep your members happy
  • You get 3 position handlebars with heart rate sensors in each position so you can monitor heart rate and keep in your target heart rate zone for maximum effectiveness.
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