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The Gauntlet is a high-quality exercise machine that offers a combination of cardio and strength training. It features a revolving staircase with eight wide and deep steps that can move at a rate of 24-162 steps per minute. The step surface is made of durable, rust-free polypropylene and is designed to be deeper and wider than other machines.

The Gauntlet is available with three smart, affordable, and flexible OpenHub console options that connect directly with Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch for real-time data sharing using NFC technology. The LCD display on the console provides all the necessary functionality, including Bluetooth connectivity, VA glass, and USB charging.

The machine includes the Landmark Challenge Program that allows users to climb well-known landmarks from around the world, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. It also has an electronically controlled alternator, brake, and drive chain that precisely controls the stair speed, enabling a wide range of users to exercise smoothly within their comfort zones.

The Gauntlet also has a hot bar with a stop button, heart rate monitor, and level control. It is pre-wired for ECOFIT asset management solution, 8-Series PVS entertainment option, and 800/900mHZ receiver option. The machine is made of a powder-coated steel frame and is compatible with the tablet holder option.



Step Surface 10in (25 cm) Deep x 22in (56cm) Width
Step Height 8in (20cm)
Step Rate 20 Levels ranging from 24-162 steps per minute
Step Up Height 12in (30cm)-
Recommended Ceiling Height 10’ (305cm)
Heart Rate Measurement System Telemetry and contact HR (Bluetooth with embedded display)
Controls Easily accessible Hot Bar® is located closer to the user with one-finger speed and elevation controls, integrated stop button, and contact heart rate grips
Display Choose from LCD, 10" or 15" OpenHub display options
Accessories Multiple bottle and accessory holders, LCD and 10" displays pre-wired for 8 Series PVS entertainment, 800/900MHz receivers, and tablet holder
Max User Weight 350lb (159kg)
Drive System Alternator
Electrical Requirement 12 V/5 Amp power supply
Additional Features Landmark Challenge



Material Powder Coated Steel Frame
Customizable Paint color options approval required
Standard Color Option Hammertone Black
Length 58in (147cm)
Width 34in (86cm)
Height 89in (226cm)
Product Weight 381lbs (173kg)
Shipping Dimensions 59in x 32in x 52in (149cm x 81cm x 132cm)



Display LCD
Display Type Static LCD
Multi-Language Options English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Italian, Swedish, Katakana, Russian, Finnish
Pre-Programmable Workouts Yes, 14+
Quick Start Options Yes, single-button start options
Bluetooth Data Tracking/App Connectivity Yes
Apple Gym Kit/Samsung Galaxy Watch Connectivity Yes
HDMI Streaming Yes, HDMI streaming available with PVS option; cables are not included
USB USB port for software updates and device charging; cables not included
IPTV/SET Top Box Compatible Yes, with PVS
ANT+ For Group Display Yes
Personal Fan Yes, programmable auto-start
Asset Management Ecofit Options
Tablet Holder Integrated front, optional top add-on
PVS Optional
800/900 MHZ Receiver Optional



PVS 10/8/4 Series
Display Type 15.6" HD LED
Resolution 1366 x 768
Tuner Options
Digital and Analog Support Yes
Signal Inputs Coax, HDMI
Input RF Signal Range 70 dBm(Min) ~ - 10 dBm(Max)
Close Caption Yes
Headline Jack 3.5mm on Display