Insight Fitness DH020 POWER RACK In DUBAI

Insight Fitness DH020 POWER RACK + 5% VAT

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If you are looking for a very durable, stable and high quality full power rack with ample space inside for all your strength training needs, either for you or your members you are on the best page, our products are always extremely high quality, we never sell any products that are not of the very highest quality.

It has quality J-Cups, it has spotter arms, it has weight plate storage incorporated, a multi angle pull up attachment and much more, it also has areas for straps and storage for resistance bands/straps, you will LOVE this power rack. Buy it today and we will have in in your gym or home tomorrow.


  • Very stable design
  • Wall through area
  • Incorporated weight plate storage (up to 600kgs can be securely stored)
  • Multi-angle Pull up attachment 

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