Kids Foam Mats. Black and Grey. Super Thick, Super Safe + 5% VAT

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If you have small kids like i do, then their safety is always on your mind, kids to the craziest things so protect them the best you can with our 40mm foam flooring. 

This flooring we sell is incredibly high quality and will last a lifetime. 

The great thing is that you can turn it over when it gets worn out or your child finds and uses the permanent marker (how do they find stuff like that!?).

The mats you get from Ace Hardware are 7mm thick, maximum 10mm. That's not thick enough or soft enough to protect your child from a fall. 

The cushioning on these mats also stays strong for a very long time, if you've seen the cheap version of these mats, you'll notice that they are flat and lifeless, it won't happen with our mats. 

Get in touch asap and we will answer all of your questions. 

Kind Regards,

Tim Garrett. (Father of 2)

& CEO of Gym Fit Out Dubai. 

052 699 3955 -- Fell free to call or whatsapp me. 


Ps. you can pay in installments for your kids foam mats, its such an easy process, it will shock you!!!!