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The Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical – Rent a Cross Trainer that Cost 32,000 aed New for Only 1199 aed/month.

There’s something about using a commercial grade elliptical that is designed to be used in the leading health and fitness clubs around the world that is hard to describe.

Maybe it’s the movement and how smooth and ergonomic (nice it is), maybe it’s the sturdiness, maybe the fact that it is very quiet, maybe it’s all of these factors and more.

There has been a great deal of thought and testing into the motion of the foot pedals and you can feel it.

As you may know an elliptical is one of your best choices if you have painful knees while running or a past knee injury.

Then you get the major benefit of incorporating the upper body into your workout, when you use more muscle groups you up the calorie burn of your workout and increase the speed at which you achieve your goals.


What’s included with our rentals?

  • Delivery
  • Pick up
  • Installation
  • Each machine goes through our rigorous 41 point safety and durability check prior to delivery
  • All servicing/damaged parts is taken care of


Why should you consider renting?

  • You want to save up to 1 hour travelling back and forth to the gym every session
  • You want to train in a clean and safe, bacteria free and virus free environment
  • Training at home is something you enjoy and the freedom that comes with it
  • You want to put the money you’d spend in the gym to exercising at home

Ready to make the smart choice? Click the buy button today, we can deliver the elliptical to you very shortly so you can get started on the path to a healthy and fit body.

Price = 999 aed/month, (3 months minimum)