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The G7 Dual Adjustable Pulley Complete Home Gym from Life Fitness is the ultimate Cable Motion™ training experience you can get for the money. 

With sleek and modern industrial construction that’s combined with solid and rugged steel, you will be able to perform countless amount of exercises in your own home that engages stabilizing muscles while also targeting major muscle groups.

It is combined with Cable Motion™ Technology Provides a variety of exercises, utilizes more muscle fibers, and works for more muscle groups simultaneously than traditional fixed motion exercises.

Adjust between 20 different height positions, various weights (160 lb per stack, 2 stacks), and different attachments that are included.

Equipped with a pair of medium-length soft cushioned bench, strap ergonomic handles, foot strap, thigh strap, straight bar, and exercise ball.

When you’re done with your exercise, you can easily fold it up and lock it into place for convenient storage.



Brand - Life Fitness
Item Model Number - ‎G7
Manufacturer - Life Fitness
Series - G
Fitness Goal - Lose weight, Gain muscle, Improve health
User Type - Unisex/Adult
Recommended Use - Multi-functional
Weight Stacks - 2 X 160LB
Biceps Exercises - 5
Chest Exercises - 12
Shoulder/Back Exercises - 15
Biceps/Triceps Exercises - 4
Abdominal/Oblique Exercises - 5
Lower Body Exercises - 10
Functional Exercises - 4
Total Number of Exercises - 55+
Removable/Fold-Up Bench - Yes
Type of Motion - Cable Motion (user-defined motion)
Cushioning System - Yes
Instructional Material - Video and Exercise Guide
Included Accessories - Bench, straight bar, foot strap, thigh strap, stability ball
Conveniences - Fold up for saving space
Dimensions - 83.00 inches (H) x 69.50 inches (W) x 48.50 inches (L)
Space Requirements - 10 feet (L) x 8 feet (W) (3m L x 2.45m W)