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MX80 Rapid Change Bar Systems features the unique MX SELECT patented rack and pinion designed with compact size, balanced, secure, and accurate.

The MX80 Rapid Change Bar System includes a Straight Bar and EZ-Curl Bar, all included on its sleek and compact rack. 

The MX80 twin bar-rack (included) allows for rapid and easy changing between Straight and EZ-Curl Bars, both using the same nylon coated, machined steel weight plates.

MX80 replaces 13 x fixed Barbells and 13 x fixed EZ-Curl Bars with a compact, convenient and smart system. With either MX80 Bar cradled in the rack, you can simply select weight from 9.1-36.3kg (20-80lbs) at the turn of a dial.

You securely lock the selected weight into place by pressing the selector dial down into the housing. MX80 Rapid Change Bar System is safe, convenient, accurate, space-efficient, and great-looking.

The perfect addition to any home fitness area, it pairs with the MX55 Dumbbell System to deliver a total free-weight package.



Item Model Number - MX80

Manufacturer - MX SELECT

Series - MX

User Type - Unisex/Adult

Fitness Goal - Lose weight, Gain muscle, Improve health

Weight Range - 9.1-36.3 Kg, in 2.25 Kg increments

Barbell Length & Minimum Weight - 47.4 inches, Minimum 9.1 Kg

Barbell Length & Maximum Weight - 57.8 inches, Maximum 36.3 Kg

Handle Dimensions (Grip Length) - 43.5 inches

Handle Dimensions (Grip Diameter) - 1.29 inches

Barbell Body - Steel

Bar Grip - Knurled Steel

Weight Plates - Steel Coated in Polyanide Nylon

Handset Mechanism - Steel and ABS

Weight Rack & Cradle - Powder Coated Steel

Item Weight - 61.95 Kg

Dimensions (Two Barbells & Rack) - 28.66 inches (H) x 18.30 inches (W) x 51.77 inches (L)