Schwinn IC2 Spin Bike

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Schwinn IC2 Spin Bike – Have You Got Bitten By The Spinning Bug Yet?

Spinning has been a big craze over the last 10 years, it rose from something that no one had ever heard of to the biggest fitness obsession in the world.

And rightly so, it’s an incredible workout.

There’s something about the buzz you get from a spin workout that is hard to beat.

Our spin bikes are extremely well made and perfect for the kind of workout you can have on a spin bike, if you are interested In mixing it up by doing sprints, standing sprints, hill climbs or interval training or just a plain regular cycle ride, then this rental option is for you.

The great thing about bikes is that they are easily moved, they take up about 1/5 the space of a typical treadmill and that is a huge plus for a lot of people who are space conscious.


What’s included with our rentals?

  • Delivery
  • Pick up
  • Installation
  • Each machine goes through our rigorous 41 point safety and durability check prior to delivery
  • All servicing/damaged parts is taken care of


Why should you consider renting?

  • You want to save up to 1 hour travelling back and forth to the gym every session
  • You want to train in a clean and safe, bacteria free and virus free environment
  • Training at home is something you enjoy and the freedom that comes with it
  • You want to put the money you’d spend in the gym to exercising at home

Ready to make the smart choice? Click the buy button today, we can deliver the elliptical to you very shortly so you can get started on the path to a healthy and fit body.

Price = 499 aed/month, (3 months minimum)