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Star Trac SRBX Recumbent Bike – This Isn’t Your Sofa

Yes, you are in an incline position but its not going to feel like a weekend settling in to watch your favourite Netflix Series.

On the other hand, it is a very comfortable way to do some hard work.

In fact this and its cousin are the #1 and #2 best selling recumbent bikes in their price category in the USA.

A maximum user weight of 158kgs and that tells you a lot about how this bike is made, for your knowledge, the more an exercise machine can handle it terms of the users wegt the better made it will be everything from the size of the frame, to the welding to the support structure and even the quality of the wheels you use to move it around your house or gym.

It’s got some removable arm rests, a great system for changing the seat length from the pedals which makes it easy to adjust if you are sitting on the bike or if you want to manoeuvre into the bike from when you are standing. Often people will buy a recumbent bike if they are either senior and cant move easily or they are injured, having this easily movable seat helps people in these two situations.

One of the great things about a bike verses a treadmill is how easy it is to hang on and get a hear rate reading, you may be recovering from an injury or a heart problem and you’ve been directed to keep your heart rate below a certain BPM (Beats Per Minute), you can easily monitor this without having to buy a heart rate monitoring chest strap.



Entertainment system

Pre-wired for S Series PVS entertainment system


Which includes 15” LCD screen, NTSC/ATSC digital tuner or PAL/SECAM tuner, coaxial cable connector at base, integrated control keypad, and headphone jack


63x167x132cm (LxWxH)

Max User Weight

159 kg


20 Levels of Intensity


Self Contained Power Supply / No External Power Supply Needed / AC Adapter is Available


One Piece Crank with Sealed Bearings


Dual Platform Pedals with Inline Skate Style Straps for Easy Adjustments

Standard Features

Personal Cooling Fans, Walk-Through Design, Armrests, Wrap-Around Seat Adjust and Cup and Accessory Holders

Dashboard Readouts

4-Character Message Window: Dedicated: Time Elapsed, RPM, Distance, Heart Rate, Motivational Track, Course Profile and Resistance Level


Automatically Toggles Between Calories and METs

Heart Rate Monitoring

Polar Telemetry and Contact Heart Rate Systems


Powder-coated Steel frame