Impulse Encore. ES3000 3 Station Multi Gym + 5% VAT

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The Impulse Encore ES3000 – The Perfect Choice For Your Gym

Why is that?

Lets have a deep dive into why.

Let’s take your typical gym, you’d usually have each of the 4 stations you get with this machine separately, however, in this guise you have all together with space savings of up to 15 SQMT.

That’s a lot, for somewhere with limited space, say a hotel or small gym or a gym in a residential building this is the perfect choice.

Its commercial grade machine which means the maximum user weight is high, the materials made in its construction are high quality and that all contributes toward its durability and bulletproof nature.

There are over 30 exercises you can do on the 4 stations and multiple people can use this machine at the same time.

So if space is a concern and you want to save 40% compared to buying individual machines then this is the perfect choice for your gym.