Vision Dumbbell Rack VST600-FW510 + 5% VAT

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Our dumbbell rack offers a convenient storage solution for up to 10 pairs of pro-style dumbbells, making it easy for your clients to access and use them during their workouts. The angled cradles securely hold the dumbbells in place, preventing any rolling or pinch hazards. The 15-degree angle of the cradles also helps minimize wrist strain when picking up and putting back weights.

Made with heavy-duty construction and a two-layer powder-coat finish, this dumbbell rack is built to last even in the busiest fitness facilities. The rack's design details are geared towards longevity, with molded guards protecting against wear and scratches. The rack is also easy to move and store, thanks to integrated wheels and handles.

Investing in this ultra-durable dumbbell rack means you can provide a safe and accessible storage solution for your clients' equipment while keeping your facility organized and tidy.


Tech Specs

Max Storage Weight 750 kg / 1650 lbs.
Product Weight 57 kg / 125.7 lbs.
Overall Dimensions 212 x 65 x 80 cm / 83.5˝ x 25.6˝ x 31.5˝