Watson Animal Dual Stack Multi-Gym + 5% VAT

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Combining Watson’s Animal Dual Lat Pulldown and Animal Dual Stack Low Pulley Row and x2 Adjustable Cable Column into one single yet compact unit, this Animal Dual stack multi-gym is a great machine if you want some serious strength training. No less than 4 users can workout on it at a time with this multi-gym beast.

This incredible multi-gym is built like a bulletproof rock-solid framework that is only 600 mm x 900 mm.

This Dual Stack Lat Pulldown has Heavy Duty Leg Brace to hold you firmly in place no matter how much weight you are pulling. It comes with 2x 120kg weight stacks. The adjustable arms allow you to change from wide to narrow single-arm pulldowns. 

It’s so easy to do if you want to combine the two cables together to get one super heavy 240kg stack.

It is also supplied with a linking bar.

The Animal Dual Stack Low Pulley Row has large adjustable footplates, fully adjustable sliders, and an adjustable seat for perfect height adjustment and angles to give full contraction and add mass and thickness to your back.

The 2x fully Adjustable Cable Column is great for all forms of bicep/tricep workouts, Face Pulls, Rota Cuff Work, Lat Raises, etc.

There’s a total of 6x 120 kg weight stacks for your every workout for hassle-less workouts searching around your desired weights.