Watson Plate Load Pivot Leg Press + 5% VAT

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  • Rock Solid Design
  • Self-adjusting footplate
  • Super smooth pivoting leg press
  • Easy located handles and release

This Watson Pivot Leg Press is made extremely strong with pivoting bearing housing, which holds the carriage in place and allows it to pivot incredibly smooth while being used with absolute loads.

The long seat is designed to get the perfect incline to press with the heaviest loads.

The footplate self-adjusts as you press it, working perfectly for any user no matter what your foot mobility is.

This machine allows users to get a great depth at the moment of the movement with the focus of the load mainly on the quads, with the hams and glutes having to work slightly.

2 handles are positioned perfectly for keeping you locked into position while working out. 

The handle sits right below the machine which can be reached in a blink to take the weights off the carriage for you anytime.

The locking mechanism is snappy and easy to use. 


Brand -                                                Watson

Item Model Number -                          ‎Pivot Leg Press

Manufacturer -                                    Watson Gym Equipment

Series -                                               Plate Load

User Type -                                         Unisex/Adult

Recommended Use -                          Leg Press

Fitness Goal -                                     Lose weight, Gain muscle, Improve health