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Do you want to upgrade the appearance of your gym and move beyond the typical black or colorful plastic kettlebells that don't fit your aesthetic? We have a solution that will catch everyone's eye, whether in a commercial gym, hotel, personal training studio, or home gym.

Our Pro Kettlebells are made from solid stainless steel billets, ensuring they won't corrode or discolor with age. Plus, they have customizable end plates that can be made to match your branding, aligning perfectly with our matching pro dumbbells or barbells.

But not only do these kettlebells look great, and they are also highly functional. They are compact, comfortable to use, and calibrated for accuracy. With weight options between 6kg and 30kg, you can choose the right weight for your needs or facility.

The Pro Kettlebells come with two handle variations to choose from: a 35mm fixed handle or a 50mm revolving handle. The revolving handle provides a unique feel and the fatter handle allows for greater muscle fiber recruitment, offering more opportunities for strength development. Plus, the center of mass is lower than a regular dumbbell, creating a different strength curve.